Ranks Applications





The IC Ranks are considered very important due to the fact that a reliable group of ranked players helps drive the IC involvement of the group and keep in character activity up.

Application Process

The first step of the application process is all about you. Once you’ve decided to offer up your character concept as a potential ranked cat you read the application carefully. Following reading the application you’ll click the “Apply” button and fill out the form. You can review and edit your application (through the My Characters Area) up until the staff puts the application into consideration. Please keep in mind that this might happen at any time following your submission of the form, so it is advised that you have your application as ready as possible at the point of submission.

Kitsu will then copy the application to the Staff forum for deliberation and mark it “Pending”. Any edits made after an application is marked as pending will not be considered by the Staff. Any application you submit be complete and need no further editing.

When an application is marked as “In Consideration” this means that the Applications Team is discussing the application and making a decision on it. An applicant may be accepted at any point that the staff feels they have found a good candidate for the clan position. At the point of a decision being made the application will be closed and the selection announced.

Rank Rules

  1. Applications submitted using a character not of a group will be automatically declined without discussion.
  2. A single player may only play 2 ranked characters, total. 1 leader or deputy, and 1 MC or MCA without the express permission of the administration.
  3. A single player may not play more than one rank in a single group without special permission of the administration.