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Rules Overview

NEW PLAYERS: As long as you understand the content of this overview page, you should be good to go. It is recommended that you read all rules, but the Cliff Notes provided here are enough to get you started. (For example, you could: Read the overview now, start a character, and then work your way through the detailed rules while you wait for your first check.)

General Rules

These rules reflect basic expectations on all players who are a member of CoSC.

  • Harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Each user is limited to One Account.
  • Images must not endanger other users’ health. Avoid rapidly flickering images, which can trigger epilepsy.
  • Signature Images are limited to a collective 100px high by 600px wide.
  • Signature Text is limited to 8 lines.
  • Images for IC Posts may contain no more than 2 images that amount to 100px high by 400px wide per character played.
  • Players who are not able to participate for awhile may file an LOA (enter link) on their userpage. Failure to do so can result in lost of characters or ranks.

Roleplay Rules

These rules reflect the basic expectations for conduct in role-play at CoSC.

  • Prophecies must be approved by game administration prior to appearing in character.
  • Omens must be approved by game administration prior to appearing in character.
  • Appearances by dead cats must be approved by game administrator prior to occurring in character.
  • Minimum post length is 3 complete sentences.
  • When and Where must be specified acceding to the CoSC date structure and map in every thread.
  • Posting Order is followed by CoSC, and considered automatic.
  • In Character Combat observes the following rules:
    • Each post is considered a “round” of combat encompassing approximately 5 seconds. Actions taken must fit within that period of time.
    • Godmoding is not tolerated.
    • Powerplaying is not tolerated.
  • Activity expectations are as follows:
    • Be involved with each character in at least 1 thread at any time.
    • Meet various IC responsibilities based on your character’s rank for all characters.

Character Rules

These rules encompass the very basic policies regarding characters at CoSC.

  • All characters must meet staff expectations and be approved by staff prior to appearing in character.
  • You may not control or otherwise effect the characters of others without consent of that player.
  • In Character Actions equal In Character Consequences (ICA=ICC).
  • Metagaming is not tolerated in character sheets.
  • Powerplaying is not tolerated in character sheets.
  • Character Slots are limited thusly:
    • 1 Character slot in ANY clan for New Players
    • Additional Character slots can be earned after 10 successful thread posts with an approved character.
    • Unlimited Clan Elder Slots.
    • Special Character Slots may be issued to players for various reasons.
    • Rank application filled positions are exempt from slot restrictions.
  • Ranked Character Limitations are as follows:
    • 1 character of leader or deputy rank.
    • 1 character of Medicine Cat of Medicine Cat’s apprentice rank.
  • All litters, including those that have happened in a character’s past, must be approved by the Litters Application Department.

Administrative Rules

These rules include the expectations and various documents used by staff to ensure consistency of judgement and enforcement across character sheets. Rules in this section don’t directly effect players, but they do effect what players are permitted to have in their character sheets.


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