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Applications Department – Chosen of StarClan
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Applications Department

The Applications team manages all applications, including character approvals. This page is designed to provide them with a place to see the lists of characters that need work and the various other applications that are needed to facilitate the running of this website.

Various departments applications are funneled into this area to be dealt with by members of the Applications Staff.

  • Character Approvals: 72 Hour Turnaround
  • Rank Applications: Case by case turnaround.
  • Adoption Applications: 72 Hour Turnaround
  • Genetics Applications: Done within a week.

Character Approvals

Want to create a new character? Visit Character Creation!

Ready for Check




  • None ready for check


  • None ready for check



  • None ready for check


  • None ready for check

All Pending

Rank Applications

Looking to apply for a rank? Visit the Department for more details!

New Applications

  • There are no new applications at this time

Pending Applications

Adoption Applications

Looking to adopt a character? Visit the adoptions department!


  • Currently no pending offers.

Genetics Applications

Want a genetic code for your character? See the Genetics Department for forms and details.

Requested Genotypes

Litter Applications

Ready to apply for a litter? Check out the litters department!

New Applications

  • No Applications are Currently Unprocessed