Project Information Drive

Submission Instructions

Complaint Instructions

Herb Instructions

Species Instructions

Symptom Instructions

Project Information Drive is intended to be used to coordinate the inclusion of the general game population in creating information for the game guides and information pages.

If you wish to contribute to CoSC all you have to do is be a member of CoSC and request to join at the project forum to see the listed projects.

You can view a list of your submissions under your player name on the Players Page. It includes a note about what is and isn’t currently submitted for check.

Herbal Submissions

Herbs Pending Check

  • No herbs currently require a check

Herbs In Editing

  • No herbs are currently in editing

Complain Submissions

Complaints Pending Check

  • No complaints currently require a check

Complaints In Editing

  • No complaints are currently in editing

Symptom Submissions

Symptoms Pending Check

  • No Symptoms currently require a check

Symptoms In Editing

  • No Symptoms are currently in editing

Animal Species Submissions

Species Pending Check

  • No Species currently require a check

Species In Editing

  • No Species are currently in editing