RiverClan Deputy

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RiverClan Deputy

[su_label type="success"]OPEN[/su_label] as of February 19, 2022

Please target your character in your application response at the “Proposed Character” if you are applying without an approved character. If you have an approved character ready to apply, please select that character from the list.

APPLY for the RiverClan Deputy position.

Question #1 : Essay Question

Provide a brief rundown of the personality and history of the character in question, making sure to explain where major personality traits came from, and to include those traits you think qualify the character as the next deputy.

Question #2 : Role Play Situation

Reply to the following RP Post In Character.

The young apprentice Ratpaw shrunk back, fur sucked tight to her body in fear as she cowered in front of her mentor, eyes wide with fear as she almost disappeared in the massive tom’s shadow.

”The Clan comes first!” Goldstripe hissed lowly, his already massive cream tabby pelt raised in anger. ”The elders saw you take the last bird, before they’d been fed. Have you no respect for those who devoted their lives to ensuring you had a place to live, to hunt, to be born?!” the apprentice’s mentor, an older warrior, growled, fangs bared menacingly. The apprentice, promoted just a moon ago, seemed on the verge of fainting, her whole body trembling.

Question #3 : Role Play Situation

Write an in character post in for the following situation as the character you are applying with.

Your character is out on a lone hunt and spots an intruder. The cat isn’t of any of the clans, and is not one that [CHARACTER] has seen before. Even the cat’s scent is foreign with lean muscles rippling beneath a ragged and scarred pelt. He dosen’t appear to be either hostile or stealing prey, simply exploring.