Freerangerage as Proposed Character for ThunderClan Deputy

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Sunstrike for Deputy of ThunderClan

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Question #1 : Essay Question


Provide a brief rundown of the personality and history of the character in question, making sure to explain where major personality traits came from, and to include those traits you think qualify the character as the next deputy.


Sunstrike has qualities that would make her an ideal deputy, as well as traits that would allow for storytelling and character growth from both her and her peers.

She is first and foremost loyal to her clan and clan members, as she was raised and trained by Greenfang, who influenced her to put her own clan before everyone else and have a general distain for the other clans. Unlike Greenfang, Sunstrike is more lenient on the level of harm she causes to her opponents, never trying to kill or maim without due cause. This is because of the death of her brother Sparrowpaw, who died on the Thunderpath and left Sunstrike without her best and only friend. She doesn’t want to make others suffer in the same way. She is merciful, empathetic but hides behind a mask of cool indifference because she doesn’t think those traits are helpful in the life of a warrior – but they would be very helpful in the position of Deputy.

Logistics wise, Sunstrike is a young warrior, which is the preferable age for a deputy as it allows her a long time to hold the position, and to cultivate the skills needed to potentially hold leadership. She has connections through Greenfang, Moosestar’s dame. As far as I understand it Greenfang craves power within the clan and having not only her son be Leader, but her apprentice be Deputy would give her a lot more sway over decisions and solidify her influence on Thunderclan. On top of this Sunstrike wants to be deputy, as she both craves validation from her clan as well as thinks that Moosestar should have someone who is skeptical of the other clans watching his back.

Finally, Sunstrike has a variety of flaws that are crucial to creating interpersonal conflict and interesting RP. First of all – as mentioned before – she is merciful. This will likely conflict with those on the clan who feel that violence is the only method of communication between clans, but it is a trait that she took a personal oath with Starclan to uphold. She is also generally unlikable, a cold, quiet figure who prefers to watch and wait rather than speak up and act. This is something that Sunstrike can work to remedy; she simply wants companionship and realizing that she doesn’t have to shoulder all her worries and anxiety for the clan alone would make her a much more approachable person.

Question #2 : Role Play Situation


Reply to the following RP Post In Character.

Sprucepaw of RiverClan was not paying attention. She was instead following a black and orange winged butterfly as it fluttered through the reeds and rushes on the edge of the river. Her striped tail waved as she practiced a pounce and brought the brightly colored insect to the ground with a ferocious (for an apprentice) yowl.

She then made her way further along the bank, no thought going into the fact that her paws carried her up onto a large, flat, sun-drenched stone. As she crossed up onto Sunningrocks she spotted the grasshopper and made her way into the classic low-stalk that she had been taught and began her pursuit.


Sunningrocks was peaceful at this time of say and Sunstrike was living up to her name. She had been stretched out on tallest warm rockface for the past few hours, enjoying the atmosphere, and more importantly – the solitude.

Unfortunately, good things never last. Her tranquil meditation was broken by a lacking battle cry. Curious, she rolled over resting her cheek against the edge of the stone and watched the young Riverclan cat slink onto the rocks. Sunstrike felt her ears flatten against her skull, and she brought herself into a crouched position, looming silently over the apprentice.

It was her duty as a warrior to drive this interloper from the territory. But the childish demeanour of her adversary made her pause. Perhaps this was a moment for words rather than action. She let her hackles rise even as her claws remained sheathed and carefully padded after the apprentice, waiting for the perfect time to corner the smaller cat.

Question #3 : Role Play Situation


Write an in character post in for the following situation as the character you are applying with.

Your character is out on a lone hunt and spots an intruder. The cat isn’t of any of the clans, and is not one that [CHARACTER] has seen before. Even the cat’s scent is foreign, thick with the off-putting scent of twolegs, with a healthy gleam to his pelt. He dosen’t appear to be either hostile or stealing prey, simply exploring.


Sunstrike silently watched the kittypet from her hiding place as the tom meandered his way into Thunderclan territory. Excessive violence was never her aim when dealing with interlopers, and she intended to follow the same mantra here. She let her claws unsheathe, and waited until his back was turned to slink through the underbrush.

Sunstrike just needed him to face her so she could launch herself at his face, tear out a few clumps of fur from his hide, and send him packing. That would certainly be a remainder to never wander into the forest ever again.

Terror was the name of the game, and she could play it just was well as the rest of the Thunderclan Warriors. If she didn’t let him get away, how else would the other stinking twoleg cats know to give the clan a wide berth?

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