American Marten

American Marten
Classification(s) : Predator
Cat Name : Marten
Common Name : American Marten
Scientific Name : Martes americana
Other Name(s) : Pine Marten
Physical Description :

A cat-sized creature resembling an extremely muscular weasel. The fur ranges from brown to black.

Physical Statistics :

MalesWeight: 17-44oz (470-1250g)
FemalesWeight: 10-30oz (280-850g)

Behavior :

A resourceful creature not only able to hunt the ground, but also climb trees and hunt from there. The Marten is rare in the cats’ world, for they prefer areas further away from humans.

Social Organization :

Solitary; Marten are highly territorial.

Approval Level : Admin; Marten are extremely rare, and because of that pains must be taken to maintain that rarity in RP.
Danger Level : High (All cats are vulnerable);

Though small, the marten is a dangerous fighter, capable of slaying a lone cat. One can, typically, be run off by a pair or better of trained warriors.