Black Bear

Black Bear
Classification(s) : Predator
Cat Name : Bear
Common Name : Black Bear
Scientific Name : Ursus americanus
Other Name(s) :
Physical Description :

A large, round animal with claws longer than a cat’s paw, and a head longer than a cat’s entire body. The fur is typically black, but colors ranging from golden-blond to brown also exist.

Physical Statistics :

MalesWeight: 103-902 Pounds (47-509 Kilograms)
FemalesWeight: 85-520 Pounds (39-236 Kilograms)

Behavior :

This massive creature is the forest’s glutton. He can consume entire berry patches. They hibernate in winter, and are generally only seen during fall when the preparation for hibernation overrides the need for privacy and the Humans’ homes and dump become appealing food gathering places.

Social Organization :

Solitary & Non-territorial; While bears might come together they prefer to live alone. The only time groups are seen is when mothers are with their cubs, or the bears are gathered at salmon spawning grounds.

Approval Level : Admin; Because of the highly dangerous and destructive nature of bears, an Administrator must approve their RP appearances beforehand.
Danger Level : High (Deadly to all cats);

Running is the only option, a bear is well and truly able to slay any cat it wishes to see dead.