Canada Lynx

Canada Lynx
Classification(s) : Predator
Cat Name : Lynx
Common Name : Canada Lynx
Scientific Name : Lynx canadensis
Other Name(s) :
Physical Description :

A tawny feline with long legs, a short body, tufted ears and huge paws. Its coat is very dense. The animal itself, who is designed to be at its best in winter, is such a color that it is also properly camouflaged in summer.

Physical Statistics :

Weight: 11-37 Pounds (5-17 Kilograms)

Behavior :

A northern beast who, despite being rather timid, is known for a fierce and dangerous disposition. The Lynx is rare in the cats world, with the proximity of humans typically repelling them in all but the toughest seasons.

Social Organization :

Solitary; While Lynx territories frequently overlap, the cats themselves are solitary. They group together only to mate.

Approval Level : Admin; Lynx are rare in the cats' forest, and are highly dangerous and keep large territories, meaning they affect more than one clan.
Danger Level : High (All cats are vulnerable);

The lynx is designed for hunting snowshoe hare, placing feral cats firmly in their ideal prey-size range and well within their hunting capabilities. In deep winter, large cats are particularly vulnerable as they are hindered by snow.