Common Grackle

Common Grackle
Classification(s) : Prey
Cat Name : Crow
Common Name : Common Grackle
Scientific Name : Quiscalus quiscula
Other Name(s) :
Physical Description :

An iridescent bird with a long tail and legs and a long, dark bill. Their tail is rounded. From a distance they appear black.

Physical Statistics :

Length: 11 – 13 Inches (28 – 34 Centimeters)
Weight: 2.5 – 5 Ounces (74 – 142 Grams)
Wingspan: 14 – 18 Inches (36 – 46 Centimeters)

Behavior :

Grackles live in open woodland, and are active during the day. They feed on insects, berries, and seeds, favoring whatever items are plentiful at the time.

Social Organization :

Grackles are solitary except when raising young or during the winter, when they flock.

Approval Level : None; Grackles are quite common in the forest.
Kill Difficulty : Moderate;

A Grackle can inflict nasty wounds with their beaks and talons.

Training Level : Advanced;

Grackles are best hunted through ambush stalking, but as only one chance and little opportunity to giving chase after a miss exist, they require stellar stalking and pouncing skills.

Hunting Tactic : Birds
Food Quality : High; Common Grackles are large and nutritious.