Common Loon

Common Loon
Classification(s) : Prey
Cat Name : Duck
Common Name : Common Loon
Scientific Name : Gavia immer
Other Name(s) : Great Northern Diver
Physical Description :

The Common Loon is a large waterbird with a long body that slopes to the rear and a long pointed bill. In water, they can be recognized by how they sit low on the surface.

Physical Statistics :

Length: 26 – 36 Inches (66-91 Centimeter)
Weight: 88 – 215 Ounces (2500 – 6100 Grams)
Wingspan: 41 – 52 Inches (104 – 131 Centimeters)

Behavior :

Loons can be found in lakes and ponds throughout the forest, with their nests along the shoreline or on islands in the body of water that they frequent. They can be seen diving underwater to hunt fish.

Social Organization :

Loons will sometimes swim in informal groups.

Approval Level : Mod; Loons are somewhat common in general, but rare in the territories of the clan cats due to the lack of open water.
Kill Difficulty : Moderate;

Like most birds, they could fly away when threatened, but if ambushed correctly, they are practically defenseless.

Training Level : Specialty - Duck;

Hunters of this bird will have to know the proper way to hunt an animal that only comes out of water to mate and raise its young.

Hunting Tactic : Waterfowl
Food Quality : High; Their large mass and diet of fish provides good quality as much as quantity.