Classification(s) : Predator, Prey
Cat Name : Weasel
Common Name : Ermine
Scientific Name : Mustela erminea
Other Name(s) :
Physical Description :

A plush-coated weasel whose summer coat is rich brown with a white belly and whose winter coat is snow white with a black tipped tail.

Physical Statistics :

MalesWeight: 2-4oz (67-116g)
FemalesWeight: 1-3oz (25-80g)

Behavior :

An adaptable hunter well able to get on in both summer and winter.

Social Organization :

Solitary; Females spend a short time in the summer with young.

Approval Level : None; No special approval is needed.
Kill Difficulty : Moderate;

Ermine are small, but quick and ready to fight to defend themselves.

Training Level : Advanced;

While easy enough to hunt with standard techniques the danger and agression in facing them to make experience extremely important in effectively hunting them.

Hunting Tactic :
Food Quality : Medium; While foul tasting and musky, the flesh of this predator is able to sustain cats.
Danger Level : Low (Kits are vulnerable);

Kits are likely targets for an Ermine who won’t pass up the opportunity at an early meal, however, ermine is also hunted by the cats in desperate times (the flesh is tough and musky).