Gray Fox

Gray Fox
Classification(s) : Predator
Cat Name : Fox
Common Name : Gray Fox
Scientific Name : Urocyon cinereoargenteus
Other Name(s) : Grey Fox
Physical Description :

A dog-like creature the size of a cat with a long, fluffy tail. The fur is gray on the topside, and ruddy on the underside.

Physical Statistics :

Weight: 6-15 Pounds (3-7 Kilograms)

Behavior :

A clever creature akin to a canine and capable of climbing trees.

Social Organization :

Solitary; Only groups are mothers with growing young.

Approval Level : Mod; Because foxes are territorial, the Moderator of the area the fox is seen in should be consulted on the suitability of one's presence.
Danger Level : High (All cats are vulnerable);

What the Gray Fox lacks in size it makes up for in cunning. While grown and trained warriors are generally able to avoid conflict with them, face to face confrontation frequently results in loss of life.