Hooded Merganser

Hooded Merganser
Classification(s) : Prey
Cat Name : Duck
Common Name : Hooded Merganser
Scientific Name : Lophodytes cucullatus
Other Name(s) : Mergus cucullatus
Physical Description :

A medium sized duck. Both sexes have a large circular crest. The male’s is black with a white patch. The male’s face is black and has golden eyes. The back is black and the sides are rusty. The chest is white with black and white stripes and the bill is dark with a yellow base. The female is brownish with a white patch at the base of the wings. The upper bill is blackish-green, and the lower is orange or yellow.

Physical Statistics :

Length: 15.7 – 19.3 Inches (40 – 49 Centimeters)
Weight: 1 – 2 Pounds (453 – 879 Grams)
Wingspan: 23.6 – 26 Inches (60 – 66 Centimeters)

Behavior :

Hooded Mergansers live in lakes and ponds and nest in cavities. They dive to get fish, and migrate south during the winter, meaning they are only seen in the Clan territories during Green-leaf.

Social Organization :

Hooded Mergansers live in flocks and form breeding pairs and nest together while in the clan territories.

Approval Level : Mod; Hooded Mergansers are rare due to a lack of lakes and ponds in the forest.
Kill Difficulty : Moderate;

A Hooded Merganser can deal a nasty blow with it’s wing to a cat.

Training Level : Specialty - Duck;

Hunters must wait until their prey comes ashore, and even then, the duck may let out an alarm call.

Hunting Tactic : Waterfowl
Food Quality : High; Hooded Mergansers are a large meal of rich, flavorful flesh.