Lapland Longspur

Lapland Longspur
Classification(s) : Prey
Cat Name : Capped Sparrow
Common Name : Lapland Longspur
Scientific Name : Calcarius lapponicus
Other Name(s) :
Physical Description :

The Lapland Longspur is a medium-sized sparrow that has a darkly smudged chest and a short, thick yellow beak. Its sides and wings have black, brown, and/or gray streaks, and the outer tail feathers are white. A reddish-brown patch of feathers adorns its wings as well. This bird’s name, ‘Longspur’, refers to its abnormally long claw on its hind toe.

Physical Statistics :

Length: 5.9 – 6.3 Inches (15 – 16 Centimeters)
Width: 0.8 – 1.2 Ounces (23 – 33 Grams)
Wingspan: 8.7 – 11 Inches (22 – 28 Centimeters)

Behavior :

Lapland Longspurs pass through the clan territories while migrating in the fall and spring. When foraging for insects and seeds, they walk or run across open grasslands.

Social Organization :

Lapland Longspurs migrate in massive flocks ranging from thousands to millions in number.

Approval Level : Mod; Though these sparrows descend to clan territories on occasion while on their fall and spring migration, they stay in open lands, away from forested areas, and then only for a short amount of time before they take flight and move on again.
Kill Difficulty : Low;

The Lapland Longspur is small and, alone, poses no threat to virtually any clan cat.

Training Level : Specialty - Group Flying;

These birds find safety in numbers, and must be isolated before being brought down.

Hunting Tactic : Songbirds
Food Quality : Medium; The little meat from a Lapland Longspur is palatable and rich in nutrients.