Least Weasel

Least Weasel
Classification(s) : Predator, Prey
Cat Name : Weasel
Common Name : Least Weasel
Scientific Name : Mustela nivalis
Other Name(s) :
Physical Description :

This tiny weasel is russet brown in the summer, and snow white in the winter. The shape is somewhat more mouse-like than your average weasel, but not so much that one would mistake it for a mouse.

Physical Statistics :

MalesWeight: 1.5-2oz (40-55g)
FemalesWeight: 1-2oz (30-50g)

Behavior :

The smallest form of weasel, but also the one with the highest metabolic rate. The Least Weasel hunts almost constantly, and consumes half its body weight each day.

Social Organization :

Solitary; Least Weasels come together twice a year for breeding, but are otherwise solitary.

Approval Level : None; No special approval is needed.
Kill Difficulty : Moderate;

Least Weasel are small, but quick and ready to fight to defend themselves.

Training Level : Advanced;

While easy enough to hunt with standard techniques the danger and agression in facing them to make experience extremely important in effectively hunting them.

Hunting Tactic :
Food Quality : Medium; While foul tasting and musky, the flesh of this predator is able to sustain cats.
Danger Level : Low (Newborn Kits are vulnerable);

The Least Weasel is very small, and thus only the weakest and most feeble kits are likely to be taken if one manages its way near them. They are able to be hunted by cats, and while stringy the flesh is only mildly musky.