Long-eared Owl

Long-eared Owl
Classification(s) : Predator
Cat Name : Owl
Common Name : Long-eared Owl
Scientific Name : Asio otus
Other Name(s) :
Physical Description :

A mostly brown and cryptically marked medium-sized owl with noticeable “ear” tufts.

Physical Statistics :

Length: 14-16 Inches (30-40 Centimeters)
Weight: 7.77-15.36oz (220-435g)
Wingspan: 35-39 Inches (90-100 Centimeters)

Behavior :

The long-eared owl roosts in trees during the day and hunts, usually in open areas, during the night.

Social Organization :

Normally solitary, except during breeding season.

Approval Level : None; Very small cats are likely targets for the long-eared owl.
Danger Level : Medium (Kits and small apprentices are vulnerable);

The long-eared owl will strike at small creatures.