Northern Raccoon

Northern Raccoon
Classification(s) : Predator
Cat Name : Raccoon
Common Name : Northern Raccoon
Scientific Name : Procyon lotor
Other Name(s) : Coon
Physical Description :

A brown furred little animal with a plump body and agile paws. His face is masked and the paws are gloved in black. His tail is ringed by black stripes.

Physical Statistics :

Weight: 4-23 Pounds (1.8-10.4 Kilograms)

Behavior :

Raccoons eat a highly varied diet that includes anything they’re physically able to find or kill. They have little fear of humans, and tend to stay close to water.

Social Organization :

Non-territorial, but solitary; Females may be found with young at any time of the year.

Approval Level : None; No special approval is needed.
Danger Level : Medium (Very young and old are vulnerable);

Cats without the ability to fight back find themselves feeding the Raccoon, but Warriors have little trouble driving this non-combative animal off.