Northern Shoveler

Northern Shoveler
Classification(s) : Prey
Cat Name : Duck
Common Name : Northern Shoveler
Scientific Name : Anas clypeata
Other Name(s) : Shoveler
Physical Description :

The male has a green head and red sides. Their wings are black with a green and blue band. Their back is black. The female is light brown with green and blue bands on it’s wings. Both have a very long and flat beak.

Physical Statistics :

Length: 17 – 20 Inches (44 – 51 Centimeters)
Weight: 14 – 29 Ounces (400 – 820 Grams)
Wingspan: 30 – 38 Inches (76 – 97 Centimeters)

Behavior :

Northern Shovelers live in marshes, and they nest on land. To get their food, they dabble by sticking thier heads into the water over the course of the day.

Social Organization :

Northern Shovelers live in groups and migrate south during the winter.

Approval Level : None; Northern Shovelers are common in the marshes and swamps of the clan territories.
Kill Difficulty : Moderate;

A Northern Shoveler is large enough to deliver a solid buffet with its wings if not killed quickly enough.

Training Level : Specialty - Duck;

A hunter must ambush the Northern Shoveler when it comes close to shore. If they are frightened, they give an alarm call that will send all prey in the area into hiding.

Hunting Tactic : Waterfowl
Food Quality : High; Northern Shovelers are large and produce a rich, healthful flesh.