Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl
Classification(s) : Predator
Cat Name : Owl
Common Name : Snowy Owl
Scientific Name : Bubo scandiacus
Other Name(s) :
Physical Description :

A large white owl with black spots/barring and yellow eyes. Females are larger than males and more heavily barred while males get whiter with age and may be pure white. Immature owls are heavily barred.

Physical Statistics :

Size: 52-71 cm (20-28 in)
Wingspan: 126-145 cm (50-57 in)
Weight: 1600-2950 g (56.48-104.14 ounces)

Behavior :

They breed in the tundra but otherwise prefer living in fields. These ambush predators prey on anything as small as a lemming to as large as waterfowl, as well as fish.

Social Organization :

Solitary unless a breeding pair with chicks.

Approval Level : Admin; A Snowy Owl in the area is an imminent threat to the clan and all members are at risk, especially at dawn and dusk during the winter months. If an owl attacks, it means it sees cats as a food source and will try attacking again at other opportunities or t
Danger Level : High (All cats are vulnerable);

These owls are large enough to take on warriors when wintering in the forests during the winter months.