Classification(s) : Prey
Cat Name : Woodchuck
Common Name : Woodchuck
Scientific Name : Marmota monax
Other Name(s) : Groundhog, Whistle-pig, Land Beaver
Physical Description :

A large brown rodent with a short tail, thick, curved claws, sharp teeth, and short powerful legs. They have a dense undercoat.

Physical Statistics :

Length: 16 – 27 Inches (41 – 68 Centimeters)
Weight’: 6 – 9 Pounds (3 – 4 Kilograms)

Behavior :

They are active during the day, and live on the moorland. They live in underground burrows and hibernate during the winter.

Social Organization :

They live alone except for when raising their young.

Approval Level : Mod; Woodchucks can kill a cat with their short, powerful legs or with their claws and teeth.
Kill Difficulty : High;

A Woodchuck can cause serious wound with their teeth and claws, and can break bones with their legs. They are also very large

Training Level : Specialty - Group Land;

Woodchucks can sense underground vibrations, and if they see a cat, they will send out a warning cry that will send all other prey hiding.

Hunting Tactic : Ground Rodents
Food Quality : High; Woodchucks are large enough to feed an entire clan, and their flesh is delicious.