Irregular heartbeat

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Irregular heartbeat

A heartbeat that is too fast, too slow, or that skips a beat. Physical weakness may develop if pauses between beats are excessively long, shortness of breath and chest discomfort also take place. Loss of consciousness can also occur but it is uncommon.


Hawthorn is best for incidents of too quick a heartbeat, while Calendula is better in cases in which it is too slow. Garlic can be used as a preventative for cats who are at risk for heartbeat regularity issues.

The patient should be kept off their sides to encourage proper deep breathing and bloodflow. Consumption of livers from prey can improve cases in which a heart is beating too quickly. Rest is an important aspect of healing, and as much as possible should be taken until treatment can take effect. Cats with very sever irregularities should be monitored as much as possible.

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