Clan Bans

All Clans


  • Names that contain the word ‘Moon’ or ‘Star’ (due to religious significance).
  • Names that contain words outside the cats realm of experience
  • Part-Rogue/Loner/Kittypet Clan Members. (Permitted only when RPed on screen)
  • Loners, Rogues or Kittypets turned Clan Cat. (Permitted only when RPed on screen)
  • Mixed Clan Lineages (IE: TC x RC Cats). (Permitted only when it happens IC)


  • CREATED APPRENTICES: Created apprentices will only EVER be arranged in litters by game administrators. Check the applications board if this sort of character is what you want to see if they are available. 
  • CREATED KITS: In favor of creating deep IC Bonds and maintaining an intensive continuity, CoSC is not currently permitted created kits. When kits are available they will appear in the viewer as Adoptable Characters.
  • CREATED QUEENS: CoSC does not permit litters with NPCs parents or litters to have been born in cats histories. We also do not consider Queen to be a rank a cat keeps when it is not raising kits or currently pregnant. In accordance you cannot create a queen.


  • Currently None


  • GREEN EYES: Cats with green eyes are not currently permitted.


  • FEMALE CATS: Cats who are biologically female have been banned.
  • BLUE EYES: Cats with blue eyes are not currently permitted.
  • SEMI-COBBY CATS: Cats with the semi-cobby build are not currently permitted.
  • LONG TAILS: Cats with abnormally long tails are currently not permitted.


  • YELLOW EYES: Cats with yellow eyes are not currently permitted.

Bans Compilations: ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, Bloodline