A Player Character played by bookazuu

Warrior of RiverClan
A Female cat who identifies Female.
By Swiftstripe out of Nettlesky.
Living at the age of 37 Moons (2.8 Years)
Short Description:

A longhaired, ruddy ticked tabby she-cat with green eyes

Long Description:

Bloomfire is a sleek, long legged she-cat with medium length fur. She keeps her fur well groomed, therefore is usually soft to touch. While her fur is well groomed, it naturally had an almost ragged look to it. Her pelt mainly consists of various shades of a deep ginger/russet colour. Around her underbelly and chest the colour is pale, and grows stronger and darker as it reaches the outer areas of her pelt, creating a blooming sort of effect (hence the name). Her tail is long and feather-like, and her whiskers are quite long as well. Bloomfire has yellow eyes with a greenish tint. They have intense patterning layered within, giving a look similar to the petals of some flowers. Her paws fade into a into an ashy blackish colour.


Sassy and flirtatious at heart, this warrior hailing from RiverClan presents herself cynical and almost obnoxious. She thinks quite highly of herself, yet knows her place within the hierarchy, respecting those she deems worth of respect. She is outspoken when required, but can also choose to by sly gossip, spreading word like an endless breeze rather than speak out to everyone directly. She has the skill and charisma to likely succeed in manipulation and deception, but doesn’t usually have ill-intent in her social aspects of life, preferring to just play along. Majority of the time Bloomfire is pretty calm, but on the occasion that someone pushes her a little too far she becomes increasingly aggressive and/or cold to the point she no longer sees the other as something worth a place on the world. Not exactly a personality trait, but Bloomfire prides herself on her intelligence and cunning, making strategizing a strong point of hers.

As a quick summary, Bloomfire is one that likes to toy with relationships, whether platonic or more, aiming to be as elusive and alluring as possible, but deep down she cares. Maybe not for everyone, but make a big enough impact on her life and you might just see a different side to her.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of First White (2017) 101
Full History:


As a kit, Bloomkit was as mischievous as a kit could get, constantly trying to annoy elders or begging her mother for more food or another groom. She asked questions, a lot of questions, unnecessary ones too and seemed to have no social awareness, often saying things that could be taken to offence. It took a lot of patience from her mother and those around her to give Bloomkit the behavioral lessons she needed to shape her into a kit that would be able to represent the clan appropriately. She was born to a litter of 3, with her two siblings Thornkit and Briarkit. She was fond of her two siblings, but preferred to stay independent. She never got to meet her sire due to him dying before the litters birth.



Bloompaw tried hard as an apprentice, and it came to a shock to her mother who was expecting the intense young she-cat to laze around and expect things to come naturally to her. She was determined and worked hard, though did often flaunt her achievements. She liked drawing attention to herself and could be deemed as a little arrogant. While Bloompaw did think highly of herself in terms of having both a superior personality and skillset, but it didn’t make her consider anyone else worthless, just that she was a little better. She had created a character for herself, and she was enjoying playing it. Cunning, tiresome and graceful was who she was, and she made an effort to try make everyone else see her that way.

Bloompaw lacked raw strength and speed like some cats are born with, but worked towards improving these skill during her training, knowing they were important qualities in a warrior. She did have natural talent in swimming though, and it seemed to be something that ran through not only her own personal bloodline, but the majority of RiverClan (surprise!). What she did stand out in was her ability to manipulate most situations to her advantage, being able to think of strategies and solutions quickly, especially during battle. She was like a slimy snake, able to worm her way out of many situations with her sharp mind and skillset. Too this day she still likes to make up her own battle moves, and enjoys teaching them to the apprentices, and sometimes even the kits.



As a warrior, little changed about Bloomfire, other than that she gained even more confidence than she already had. She prides herself on her appearance and well kept fur, and enjoys mocking others or picking on their insecurities (though she does have a level of awareness and knows what is considered too far). Bloomfire is often found near the water, cooling off or enjoying the sunlit reflections. She has little interesting history, and is waiting for something interest to happen in her life, whether it be good or bad.

During her first moons as a warrior though, Bloomfire’s confidence was stunted (just a little!). She was the real deal now, a proper warrior and she couldn’t afford to make pointless mistakes. She put a lot of private pressure on herself to do well, wanting to earn the respect of her clanmates. She thrived with attention while also needing a significant amount of personal space. She spend a lot of her time cat-watching, analysing her clanmates, though not in a malicious way, she just had genuine interest.

She often volunteers for border patrols, and takes a liking to leading them (though she does not so so often). When in a really bad mood she would rather do anything other than socialise, and ‘accidentally’ misses her patrol. She has done so more than once, but it’s not a common occurrence, only happening a few times throughout her lifespan. Though she may slack off a little nowadays, if things ever get serious she switches into an intense, level-headed warrior with fierce determination.

Bloomfire is also very loyal to her clan, but has a good understanding of the impact of an alliance, and often mingles at gatherings. She wants to get to know as many other clan cats as she can, hoping she can use it to her own advantage one day, though she does enjoy getting to know some of them, becoming increasingly fond which is a worry of hers. She is also a sucker for drama, and often finds herself at the cause of many problems within her clan, but she brushes it off with a smirk and deems it insignificant.

Sire: Swiftstripe (A gray mackerel tabby bicolor tabby tom with copper eyes)
Dam: Nettlesky (A longhaired primal ticked torbie with brilliant green eyes)
Report issues with siblings on the Discord.
Full Siblings:
Briarfang (A amber-eyed tortie tom with a nicked right ear)
Thornstrike (An odd-eyed, mid-furred calico she-cat with a scarred right shoulder)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Bloomfire Swiftstripe Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Nettlesky Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Significant Cats
Notes & Additional Details
Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Bloomfire has been compiled into the bans records.
Bloomfire is a Female Cat with a Black Non-color restricted pelt of Long Normal textured hair. They are of Medium-small Size and Common build. Their eyes are Lime and ears are Normal. Their tail is Long, with Normal paws and Normal legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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  1. Appearance
    Overall – Based on your pictures are you trying to describe A Ruddy/Usual/Tawny (depending on the club you ask) Abyssinian. Genetically black ticked tabby, in your case likely also exhibiting the refusing/golden gene. So I understand what you were trying to describe now.

  2. You’ve done this before, just a reminder about power playing in character sheets, since that makes up the majority of the points for improvement.


    • Her pelt mainly consists of various shades of a deep ginger/russet colour. Around her paws, legs and underbelly the colour is deep and dark, and fades as it reaches the outer areas of her pelt, creating a blooming sort of effect (hence the name). – I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re shooting for, could you shoot me whatever references you’re using for the coat pattern just so that I can make sure I’m understand what’s you’re trying to describe genetically? I think you mean red silver, but I’d love to make sure and just put some admin notes on the character for if/when she gets genotyped.
    • giving her an overall elegant look. – Minor powerplay by deciding it’s an elegnt look rather than letting the other players decide for their own characters.
    • Her paws fade into a dilute blackish colour – I’m not 100% sure this is a problem, just making sure it’s on the list for review after I see your refrences for the coat color. Most of the time you simply can’t have black with red unless it’s tortoishell, so we may have to revisit this. Esepcially if your goal was red silver.


    • Sassy and flirtatious – the two best words to describe this fiery she-cat hailing from RiverClan. – Powerplay.
    • it should be known that Bloomfire is quite intelligent and cunning – Powerplay.


    • She was a pain, there is no other way to describe the red coloured kitten. – Powerplay.
    • While Bloompaw did think highly of herself, it didn’t make her believe she was superior compared to any other cat. – This line sort of contradicts itself… To be able to define “high” you do have to also define “low”… Hard to do without putting at least one other in that category… Please clarify?
    • be seen more than just the suave cat she was. – Powerplay.
    • takes a liking to leading them, though when in a bad mood she would rather do anything other than socialise, and ‘accidentally’ misses her patrol. She has done so more than once, but it’s not a common occurrence. – A cat who has missed a patrol within the last season would be on Boldstar’s shit-list. Based on her missing them on purpose based on mood, she probobly isn’t one that Boldstar selects to lead one offtend.
    • She is yet to get into trouble for doing so, and surprised she hasn’t been given a spray for her casual attitude towards clan duties. – Boldstar would definetly have not taken her shirking well. There’s no way he wouldn’t have come down hard on her unless someone covered it up. So… unless you can find a PC playing a character who would have done the covering up, we’ll need to work out a few more details together about how Boldy would have reacted.

    A great start! It shouldn’t take much to get her ready for approval!

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