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Deputy of WindClan
A Female cat who identifies Female.
By Bluestone out of Brightmaple.
Living at the age of 45 Moons (3.5 Years)
Short Description:

A chocolate tortie and white she-cat with folded ears and copper eyes

Long Description:

Fawnbriar is a short-haired she-cat with a predominately chocolate brown pelt with cream patches, snowy white chest, and has patches of brown and cream decorating the white on her legs. Unlike most Windclan cats who are tall and leggy, Fawnbriar is shorter than many and by far more stocky in build. Along with the brown and cream on her round face, she also has a white blaze frame by two bright copper eyes. To top it off, she has a cute little pink nose on the end of her muzzle as well as two folded ears atop her head.


Fawnbriar is, above all, a she-cat who cares for her clanmates. She is a bit more the opposite of Badgerstar, balancing his more stern and no-nonsense personality with her softer nature. She tends to her clan like a queen with her kits- while her leader is good with criticism and admonishments, she’s better with praise and encouragement but that isn’t to say she isn’t able to admonish her clanmates if the need arises.

She might not always enjoy what she hears and what is said, but she tries to listen to each clanmate and tries her best to find compromises if there’s any conflict amongst her clanmates. She does her best to make sure that patrols are covered and the freshkill pile is stocked so her clan runs smoothly while she still enjoys regular interactions to the elders and listening to their discussions, and checking in on the queens potential needs.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of First Green (2017) 093
Full History:

0-6 Moons:

After a harsh leaf-bare, the queen Brightmaple bore a litter in the Moon of First Green (2017) during the dark early hours. In this litter, Fawnkit  and two other kits were born. Both Brightmaple and her sire, Bluestone, were quite proud of the litter they produced and both warriors proceeded to dote and teach their litter as their offspring grew. Once Fawnkit became mobile, she got into the usual kit trouble but the trouble was always unintentional. Their words made an impression on her and helped mold her into an eager young cat ready for their apprenticeship.

6-12 moons:

During the Moon of Unnamed Blue (2017), Fawnkit was made an apprentice under the name Fawnpaw and, though a little awkward at first, took to her apprenticeship like a duck to water. Fawnpaw did her best to try to make friends with her denmates and liked to think she endeared herself to them by taking on many of the disliked apprentice tasks such as checking ticks on the elders and changing bedding. She enjoyed these tasks because it allowed her to listen to the elders’ stories and their opinions on their clanmates, letting her learn some of the history of Windclan and the past of a lot of her clanmates. As her apprenticeship came to completion, Fawnpaw found herself respecting not just the warriors, but also the elders and did her best to encourage the newer apprentices who came into the den.

13-45 Moons:

In the Moon of Leopard’s Rest (2017), she completed her apprenticeship and was her warrior ceremony, during which she earned the name Fawnbriar. Despite being a newly named warrior, she continued to make sure to visit the elders and continue helping the newest apprentices when she could until she was given an apprentice in the Moon of First Fishing (2018). Fawnbriar found that training her apprentice felt natural and she found she enjoyed her apprentice’s eagerness to learn. With their personalities well matched, her apprentice was made a warrior during the Moon of First White (2018).

It was during the Moon of First Green (2020) that Honeystar lost the last of her lives and Badgerclaw became Badgerstar. Despite being apprentices and warriors together, Fawnbriar was never-the-less surprised but very honored when Badgerstar named her as his deputy.

Sire: Bluestone (A stocky blue tom with striking copper eyes)
Dam: Brightmaple (A stocky torbie and white she-cat with long fur, folded ears and gold eyes)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Fawnbriar Bluestone ()
Brightmaple Cloudrunner (A mid-furred white tom with blue eyes)
Stormsage (A stocky, long-haired lilac and cream tortie she-cat with folded ears)

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Significant Cats
Notes & Additional Details

The folded ears can be traced back several generations along the bloodlines- Brightmaple’s granddame mated with a wayward Scottish Fold tom

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Fawnbriar is a Female Cat with a Brown Non-color restricted Bicolor pelt of Short Normal textured hair. They are of Medium Size and Cobby build. Their eyes are Copper and ears are Abnormal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Short legs. They are of Mix Scottish Fold descent.

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