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A Player Character played by Yami

Medicine Cat of ShadowClan
A Female cat who identifies Female.
By Unknown Sire out of Unknown Dam.
Living at the age of 29 Moons (2.2 Years)
Short Description:

A petite, tortie and white she-cat with amber eyes and a bushy tail

Long Description:

Flutterdream is a petite, bi-colored tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes and an unusually bushy tail. Despite being fully grown she’s still small for her size, but that just means she can fit in small crevices and spaces so it makes it easy for her to reach trapped clanmates if need be. She tends to use her tail as a sort of storage to help carry herbs when it’s needed, especially since herbs get stuck to her tail anyways.



If you were to meet Flutterdream she isnt much for words but will speak her mind when it comes down to it. Overall she’s very friendly and would definitely enjoy a bit of conversation even if she might forget names once shes done speaking to them until she finally remembers your name. She can get anxious at times when being in a large group of cats or there’s a lot of cats trying to speak to her all at once, so she always tries to talk to one cat at a time so she’s not overwhelmed. If you were to ask Flutterdream a question you can be sure that she will answer as honestly as she possibly can even if she probably doesn’t  know the answer to said question. Due to her quiet nature, she tends to hold a lot of secrets that she refuses to share even if bribed to tell, so you can bet that she’d more than likely would keep a secret even without threatening her life! The majority of the time, she seems like she’s in her own little world being how absentminded she is she tends to get distracted easily even during patrols where she should be paying attention. Above all, loves to take care of her clanmates as if the entire clan was her family making sure her clanmates are well taken care of.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Running Prey (2018) 109
Full History:

Kithood (0-6 moons)

Born to an Dapplewish and Ravenpath during the second day of the Moon of Running Prey (2018), Flutterkit almost never ventured far from either the nursery or, when her mother needed some space, the medicine cat den and helped whenever she could. It was almost like Starclan themselves wanted the she-kit to become a medicine cat ever since she was brought into the world. Realizing this, the medicine cat went to the Leader and asked them to make Flutterkit their apprentice. 

Apprenticeship (6-12 moons)

At first her apprenticeship started a little rocky, due in part to her getting distracted by the stray worm or a butterfly that would flutter by. However, despite that she was pretty decent at remembering the name of herbs, only sometimes struggling putting the names of the herbs with the actual herbs, almost giving a warrior tansy instead of yarrow which the medicine cat at the time was able to catch before she made a big mistake. Her first trip to the Moonstone almost scared the young apprentice, but being reassured by her mentor nothing bad was going to happen made her press on, granting her ancestors their approval. Although, this peacefulness of Flutterdream’s life had to end somewhere and it just happened to happen the first moon into her apprenticeship. 

It all started with an elder coming into her den complaining about shortness of breath and being very dehydrated. The right combination for Green-cough that quickly spread and turned into Black-cough. The sickness took Dapplewish and Ravenpath from her, but almost took her mentor with them leaving Flutterpaw devastated. In her grief, her mentor tried to lessen the burden of her apprenticeship by letting her do light work and the Medicine Cat took care of the in-house patients as they came as she slowly recovered. 

Adulthood (current; 12-26 moons)

It took her a few extra moons to go back to normal, but eventually she was able to finally focus on what needed to be done. Even though she had a few scares of her own, while she was out searching for herbs, she found a herb a bird had gathered in its nest and decided to go for it. Not realizing she probably should have just got a warrior to help, as soon as she got the herb the branch she was on broke and she almost broke her leg. Before too long, she was able to use her leg to some extent, but will always be left with a limp. 

Once again, it seemed that Starclan themselves were testing her when another outbreak of Black-Cough ripped through camp. This one in particular almost never letting up, leaving Flutterpaw and her mentor up at almost all hours of the day. Once her mentor decided she was ready, they took her to the Moonstone to speak before Starclan and upon her return the Leader named her Flutterdream. Her eyes shone bright that night as she gazed at her fellow clanmates as they chanted her name when they returned to camp lifting the spirits of anycat nearby.

Not long after Flutterdream became a full medicine cat, her mentor retired to the elders den having earned their rest, but welcomed Flutterdream if the she-cat had any questions, so if she wasn’t in the medicine cat den she was more often than not in the elder den talking to her old mentor. That is until they passed from an unknown sickness that left them confined to their nest with a high fever and they kept fading in and out of consciousness. Once they passed, Flutterdream immediately went back to work, more or less drowning herself into working nearly non-stop. It wasn’t until Palestar came to her and told her to take a rest that she did. Nowadays, she takes things in stride rather than trying to rush through things like she did in the past. 

Sire: Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Dam: Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Report issues with siblings on the Discord.
Other Family:
  • Sire: Ravenpath
  • Dame: Dapplewish
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Flutterdream Unknown Sire ()
Unknown Dam ()
Significant Cats
Pending Mentor (For characters awaiting mentor creation.)
Notes & Additional Details
Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Flutterdream has been compiled into the bans records.
Flutterdream is a Female Cat with a Tortie Non-color restricted Bicolor pelt of Long Normal textured hair. They are of Small Size and Semi-foreign build. Their eyes are Amber and ears are Normal. Their tail is Other, with Normal paws and Normal legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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  1. History: That is until they passed from an unknown sickness that left them confined to their nest with a high fever and they kept fading in and out of consciousness. – Please indicate what illness this actually was so that we can ensure it gets on the list to be added to the complaints guide. If you do not wish to include it in the main history you could place it in the public notes. If you want to keep it a secret for now just let the staff know and we’ll make a note and put the illness on the list of inclusion quietly.

  2. Welcome to CoSC. Your first character is always the most difficult and it is perfectly normal to go through at least one round of declines. We have a lot of things that vary from the books based on the age of our game.

    Vitals: at the age of 124 Moons (9.5 Years)Clan Cat Ages trend a little difrently at CoSC. It can be a bit easier to find the moon you need for the correct age via the Moons Page which gives the age that corresponds to any given moon. Reach out to the staff if you need any assistance.

    Appearance: Length – Appearance descripttion must be at least a paragraph of 3 complete sentences to meet the minimum requirements. Longer is prefered.


    • Key Dates – Following approval plese fill in the missing dates. Feel free to ask for assistance from staff members if you need it.
    • Mother’s Name – Mother’s name is not specified in the history but will be needed when you make the NPC character sheets for the parents.
    • only kit from her litter it concerned her parents and the current medicine cats – Small litters are not that unususal. Why did they find this worrying.
    • worried that she was never going to open her eyes – Why was this a concern? What made them assume she was abnormal.
    • Until she finally opened her eyes, she was confined to the medicine cat den in which she used her nose to help sort through herbs once she was able to walk. – She would be in her second week when her eyes opened. If there is a complicating factor please name the condition or illness that has caused this so it may be added to the Complaints Guide.
    • was approached by the main medicine cat to see if she would like to be a medicine cat, she couldn’t had said yes any faster! – At CoSC your roll is assigned by the Leader. This means she would not have received any oppotunity to accept or decline. If the Medicine Cat felt she was suited and called to the path she would simply inform the leader of the suitability so that the assignment could be made.
    • Taking the lives of her mother, father, and almost her mentor. Leaving the young apprentice nearly stiff with grief, but she pressed on until the Green-cough left the clan as fast as it came. – Plese consult our entry on Greencough. It is not common for one to die of this infection unless it progresses to Blackcough in all but the young and old. Please include indications of the ages of the NPCs in quetion to clarify this issue.
    • Her mentor allowed her to take a moon from her training, so she could grieve properly – Due to the harshness of clan life berievement is not a job perk offered to any cat, let alone a medicine cat appretice who is one who will be entrusted with the physical and spiritual well being of the clan.
    • Even though she had a few scares of her own, one that almost crippled her left hind leg which to this day she still has a limp from. – Please elaborate on this story that lent her this physical disability.
    • often found herself wondering if it was the right choice on her becoming a medicine cat – See about concerning her not being consluted on her path.
    • That is until they passed from an unknown sickness that no herb was able to help aside from poppy seeds. – Please indicate what illness this actually was so that we can ensure it gets on the list to be added to the complaints guide. Even if it was rare, it would be something that Medicine Cats shared with one another and kept in mind (probobly naming it) in case it ever showed up again.

    Family: Sire & Dam – You will be required to provide MPC character sheets for her parents (in case we ever need to figure out her genetics), thus please change unknown to pending.

    You have a solid start. Most of your points for editing are based in quirks of CoSC and are very typical of new members of this game. If you have any questions please reach out to the staff.

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