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Leader of ShadowClan
A Female cat.
By Tallstride out of Petalstorm.
Living at the age of 39 Moons (3 Years)
Short Description:

An odd eyed, long-furred seal lynx point tabby she-cat

Long Description:

Palestar’s coat is a thick length of fastidiously groomed long ivory white fur. Layers of sinewed muscle coat her frame, yet angular lines contour her cheeks. Her coloration is that of a lynx point tabby; her large paws, sharply pointed, wide set tufted ears, and plumed tail are ringed in a dark silver tabby pattern. A pale pink nose sits between two almond shaped eyes, displaying heterochromia; the left being pale yellow and the right a sky blue. Palestar carries a few notable scars, more than just the usual wear and tear, two being diagonal scars on her right shoulder and a deeper, healed over slash mark on her belly, which is mostly disguised by her lengthy pelt.


Palestar is a no-nonsense sort of she-cat who possesses a strict prejudice against those not of Shadowclan blood, believing her own clan is superior in every way, and she will fiercely defend any statement otherwise and generally distrusts any cat not of Shadowclan blood with suspicion and even distain. Palestar expects a great deal from her clanmates, but mostly she expects perfection from herself, in which she tries her hardest to shoulder every responsibility without complaint. While she may seem adamantly strict in even her casual conversations around camp at the best of times, it is just testament to how much she actually cares about her clanmates. She is not needlessly violent, and displays a shrewd, calculating patience in all things – actions have consequences, and everyone must be willing to face them if they are to be a better cat.

There’s not a day that passes that Palestar is not on her feet, meticulously trying to keep herself in shape; stretching her muscles, sparring between clanmates, or prowling the underbrush for prey. A part of this drive endures because death could come at any moment, for her clan or for herself. Danger lurks in many forms and she must do everything in her power, including sacrificing her nine lives, to see their survival through.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Turning Leaves (2017) 100
Full History:

[0-6 moons]

Palestar was born as Whisperkit on a late, rainy night, alongside her sister, Cloverkit, from Tallstride out of Petalstorm. Tallstride was an aged, distinguished male who had just retired to the Elder’s den and Petalstorm was a middle aged she-cat. The two had developed more than just trust between warriors, and kept good company with one another. Both were overjoyed by their successful birth, but the birthing took a toll on Petalstorm body. And after a couple weeks, she was unable to feed them properly, leading to another queen suckling them until they were weaned. Whisperkit was relatively quiet compared to her sister, who proved to be more adventurous, yet Whisperkit was demanding of attention and affection, and was always eager to play with her and her denmates.

The first real indication of her developing personality was when Briarkit lost an eye to a fox. At first she was angry – how could she disobey their dames like that? Her mistake costed her chance of becoming a warrior, which Whisperkit always tried to make clear to the younger kit. Once the eve of her offspring’s apprentice ceremonies loomed close, Petalstorm, who had found herself weakened by motherhood, joined her mate in the Elder’s den.

[6-11 moons]

Whisperkit was apprenticed as Palepaw to a patient, yet opinionated warrior named Honeyglow. Cloverkit, now Cloverpaw, joined her sibling in the apprentice’s den. Palepaw, eager to please her mentor, absorbed her teachings of the warrior code and duty to the clan like a sponge. She idolized the old warrior, and would always be out to prove herself as she grew older and more experienced even if that meant going the extra mile.

When she wasn’t out hunting or with her mentor, she sparred with her sister. Sparring may have been a game when they were younger, but the competitive she-cats tried their hardest to best one another. Palepaw, who took her training more seriously than her sister, often came out on top, much to her sister’s displeasure. Why wasn’t she trying harder? This wasn’t just a game. There would be times where the clan would need to be defended.

The sisters began to drift apart. Palepaw’s constant criticism and Cloverpaw’s lack of ambition drove a wedge between them – and their mentors recognized this slight, and came up with an idea that would benefit them both and bring them back together. They would go on their hunts together, and in one particular case, they both got much more than they bargained for.

During one such trip to the Heathlands, both Cloverpaw and Palepaw went hunting. Palepaw was gone only for a moment when she caught wind of a mouse nearby, but then out of the corner of her eye she spotted a flash of brown feathers from above. A hawk had seized Cloverpaw, wounding the apprentice as she struggled vainly to break free from the bird’s talons. But Palepaw, furious that it had tried to hunt her sister, was not far behind, and with a leap, landed on the hawk.

Her weight grounded them. Cloverpaw fell from its talons as the hawk fought off Palepaw on the ground, peaking at her and trying to buffet her with its wings. Finding an opportunity, Pawpaw struck at its throat, dealing the finishing blow, but not before the hawk scored her underbelly with its talons before it died. Cloverpaw, bleeding and weak with her back leg sticking out at a funny angle, and Palepaw, bleeding from a deep wound on her belly, didn’t even have the strength to bury the potential prey. Cloverpaw would have surely died if not for Palepaw’s intervention, but now both limped back to camp, injured but alive.

Cloverpaw’s wounds would heal, but her broken leg set doubts that she would ever become a warrior. Palepaw’s time in the medicine cat’s den was a long road, the deep set wound troubling if infection set in. Even while she was healing, Palepaw didn’t want her injury to hold her back – her mentor often visited her and drilled her on information, keeping her mind sharp as she recovered. While the wait antagonized her, she knew if she pressed herself when she wasn’t ready, she might never become a warrior. She needed to wait until her body completely healed, and while there was a scar for her valiant efforts in saving her sister, the wound did not fester under the medicine cat’s care. It was during this time that her sire, Tallstride, met a peaceful end and new beginning among Starclan.

There had been complications for Cloverpaw’s leg, which had healed, but kept her stiff in stride. When Palepaw had returned to duty, she worked herself tirelessly and was commended for her efforts with her warrior name on time of graduation in favor of her swift retaliation against the hawk. Palestrike.

[11-33 moons]

For her sister, Cloverpaw, her apprenticeship would last longer to regain enough movement and feeling in her leg to proceed. What she may have lacked in ambition, Cloverpaw was dedicated to become a warrior at the age of 14 moons with the lingering foresight that she may have to face an early retirement. Palestrike continued to be an asset to her clan, earning her place in patrols and gaining the experience she would need to provide for herself and Shadowclan. In this she thrived, relishing in the physical and mental demand of her tasks that the days seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. She was there for Cloverpaws warrior ceremony, sitting among the warriors, where she watched her sister receive her new name, Clovershine.

As she grew older, she was eventually trusted to stretch her legs and lead patrols. Most were uneventful but some led to brief border conflicts, others encountering wayward two-legs at Carrionplace and the Thunderpath, and once confronting a mink near the Sidestream, which, coordinating her patrols efforts, managed to chase the predator across the border. Her potential and success made her a prime candidate for leadership, and was recognized by her leader by making her the new Shadowclan deputy. Nothing was achieved without patience, and with her ambitions, worked side by side with her leader to make Shadowclan the best it could be.

The aging leader had done all he could to pass on his knowledge and expectation to the she-cat, making it clear that the clan would follow her direction one day. That day came after a few moons after her deputyship, when the aging leader lost his last life to a crippling cough, old age doing little to stave off sickness. Palestrike watched the sickness take her old friend, unable to do anything but try to make the transition as palatable as she could for her clan. While his passing wasn’t without grief, Palestrike celebrated his life in reflection at her walk to the Mothermouth shortly after she became Palestar.


Only a few moons into her leadership role, it has been a peaceful , if harsh, leaf-bare. With Starclan’s glory and her guidance Shadowclan has emerged from the harsh winter and turn towards times of plenty as Starclan’s promised new-leaf turns to a warm green-leaf. The recent mysterious deaths plaguing her clan have left her with some unease, but nevertheless presses on – hopeful that Flutterdream can help her form a solution to save her clan. During the Moon of Lions Glory (2020), Palestar receieved the news of her dams death in the march, taken by some unseen force. Although originally shaken, she is now more determined than ever to pull through.

Sire: Tallstride (A leggy longhaired white tom with a short tail and yellow eyes)
Dam: Petalstorm (A torbie point she-cat with mid-length fur and pale blue eyes)
Full Siblings:
Clovershine (A shorthaired cream lynx point tabby with bright blue eyes.)
Other Family:

Dazzlekit: Nephew

ClovershineXCloudflare Kit #1: Nephew

Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Palestar Tallstride Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Petalstorm Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)

[Genealogy Details]

Significant Cats
Honeyglow (A large broken mackerel ginger tom with rusty tones and green eyes)
Sootpaw (A stocky black van tom with yellow eyes)
Notes & Additional Details

Apprenticed as Palepaw Moon of Melting Waters (2018)

Made a warrior as Palestrike Moon of Cheetah’s Flight (2018)

Deputized Moon of Lion’s Glory (2019)

Made Leader as Palestar Moon of Long Nights (2019)

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Palestar is a Female Cat with a Black Pointed pelt of Long Normal textured hair. They are of Medium Size and Common build. Their eyes are Odd and ears are Normal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Normal legs. They are of Mix Maine Coon descent.

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