A Non-player Character played by Kazul_3383

Elder of WindClan
A Female cat who identifies Female.
Dead at the age of 53 Moons (4.1 Years)
Short Description:

A stocky, long-haired lilac and cream tortie she-cat with folded ears

Long Description:

Stormsage was a stocky, squarely built she-cat with folded ears due to her sire being a Scottish Fold. Her long pelt was lilac and cream in a tortoise pattern with splashes of white mainly seen as a bib on her throat and chest, the toes on her oversized polydactyl feet, and a patch of white on her belly between her hind legs. As she grew stiffer and more sore in her advanced age, her pelt became a bit ragged in appearance as she had troubles grooming. Her eyes were round and surprisingly bright blue.


A sweet tempered and gentle she-cat, she was an excellent hunter and had the tendency to shy away from violence if she was able to, but wasn’t afraid to fight and defend her clanmates and territory. She had a healthy sense of humor and, even as she got older and began to suffer from osteochondrodysplasic, she did her best to remain in good spirits.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Long Sun (2013) 045
  • Died in the Moon of Lion's Glory (2017) 098
Full History:

Stormsage’s dame was a she-cat who hadn’t been much impressed with the current toms in the clan so when she came across a Scottish Fold tom who had folded ears and had managed to escape his twoleg dwelling to wander the clan border, she found herself intrigued. Eventually, the pair mated and the queen bore the kit who would be known as Stormsage.

Stormsage was born with three other siblings, though two didn’t make it through kithood due to leaf bare. She and her surviving sibling had an average apprenticeship. As a warrior, she was considered to be caring and gentle, easily being better at hunting and patrolling and it became no surprise when she eventually decided to become a queen and bear a litter for her clan. The tom she chose was the all-white tom by the name of Cloudrunner.

She bore two kits in the litter- Brightmaple and one other kit. She lived long enough to see her grandkit Fawnbriar apprenticed before she eventually joined Starclan due to complications from osteochondrodysplasic.

Brightmaple (A stocky torbie and white she-cat with long fur, folded ears and gold eyes)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Stormsage ()
Significant Cats
Mated with:
Cloudrunner (A mid-furred white tom with blue eyes)
Notes & Additional Details
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Stormsage is a Female Cat with a Tortie Non-color restricted Bicolor pelt of Long Normal textured hair. They are of Medium-large Size and Cobby build. Their eyes are Blue and ears are Abnormal. Their tail is Normal, with Polydactyl paws and Normal legs. They are of Half Scottish Fold descent.

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