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Cat Given Name : Alder
Other Name(s) :
Description :

The leaves of this tree are deciduous, alternate, simple, and serrated. The flowers are catkins with elongate male catkins on the same plant as shorter female catkins, often before leaves appear. They differ from the birches (Betula, the other genus in the family) in that the female catkins are woody and do not disintegrate at maturity, opening to release the seeds in a similar manner to many conifer cones.

Properties :

May be used to reduce and prevent swelling, pain, and prevent infection.

Related Knowledge
Complaints : Broken Bone (Open), Burn, Abrasion, Fleas, Snakebite, Abrasion,
Symptoms : Inflammation, Infection, Pain, Abrasions, Flea Bites,
Species :
Seasonal Availabilities by Territory *
* To find a plant that is not available in an area, it must first be approved by the Game Admins. Please PM one of the Admin Team for that permission.
^ The listed seasons are those in which the herb is ready in some way for harvest. Consult the collection methods below for details.
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Collecting & Storing Leaves
When to Collect : Greenleaf to early Leaf-bare
How to Collect : Pluck the leaves of healthy green coloration from the branches of the tree.
How to Preserve : Lay the leaves in the sun so that they may dry quickly.
How to Store : Store in loose piles in a dry, cool place.
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Detailed Usage Information
Leaves : Chew and apply externally to a wound to prevent infection and reduce both pain and swelling [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Leaves : Patient should chew to remove toothache and prevent complications. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]