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Genetics – Chosen of StarClan
  1. Genetics


Department Details

Department for managing the genetic codes of characters in the game in preparation for the litters department.

Department Instructions

If you wish to get a genotype for your character, please carry out the following:

  1. Click the “Request Genotype” link in the sidebar.
  2. Select the name of the character in the form there.
  3. Click the gray submit button
  4. Wait for your character’s genotype to be finalized.

Characters Affected

Awaiting Genotype

Have Genotype

Ashkit, Boldstar, Bravesong, Brightpaw, Brindlepaw, Cindercloud, Cloudflare, Cottonbright, Dawnflurry, Dovepaw, Duckfeather, Duskytail, Emberback, Hawkfeather, Hollyclaw, Lilyripple, Maplesprig, Mintkit, Mistystep, Nettlepaw, Oakfoot, Otterwhisker, Reedstorm, Rowanglade, Salmonclaw, Silverears, Skyeyes, Snowstep, Sootpaw, Speckledfrost,