A Non-player Character played by freerangerage

Elder of RiverClan
A Female cat.
By Unknown Sire out of Unknown Dam.
Dead at the age of 90 Moons (6.9 Years)
Short Description:

A longhaired red classic tabby she-cat with a bald spot on her tail

Long Description:

Firelight was a red classic tabby with long, wavy fur. She has amber eyes and long ears. Her hair often weighed her down when she tried to go swimming, so she developed a habit of flicking fish onto shore with her claws rather than diving.

Firelight’s fur covered most of her scars, although part of her tail had gone bald from where she skinned part of it falling off of Sunningrocks during a scuffle. She was never a violent cat but could be very intimidating – especially when all of her fur was standing on end.


Firelight was a calm, motherly cat even to those who were not related to her. She was old enough to have seen leaders come and go – and spent time as a Deputy. She was wise in the ways of the world and the clans and her wisdom and stories were passed to her two sons.

Firelight was also an ambitious cat, but not in the way many of her peers were. She was meticulous and unrelenting – never pushing others out of the way to reach her goals but rather recruiting her clan around her to move towards ideals that she held. In this way she could be considered very charismatic and charming.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Running Prey (2012) 030
  • The Leader named them Redkit in RiverClan during the Moon of Running Prey (2012) 030
  • Made an Apprentice as Firepaw in RiverClan during the Moon of Leopard's Rest (2012) 036
  • Named a Warrior as Firelight in RiverClan during the Moon of First Fishing (2013) 042
  • Deputized as Firelight in RiverClan during the Moon of Leopard's Rest (2014) 063
  • Became an Elder as Firelight in RiverClan during the Moon of Leopard's Rest (2015) 076
  • Died in the Moon of First Fishing (2019) 120
Full History:

Kithood: 0-6 moons

Redkit was born the only kit in her litter*, and had a fairly laid back personality. Obviously most of her ambition was hidden behind the basic needs of a kit. But as she got older she show a more calm, steadfast sort of ambition and the belief that everything she wanted would happen eventually – so why make a fuss about it in the moment.

Apprentice: 6 -12 moons

Firepaw was apprenticed to ____ (Snowstep or Silverears) on her sixth moon. Her name was changed to reflect the quiet fire that burned inside her – ambition that could be stoked into a blaze. She was a very laid back cat, which could have been annoying to those around her especially when she was expected to do certain tasks as certain times.

However this slower approach to life did not stop her from keeping up with her training. She was dubbed Firelight – for the warmth that she brought to the clan and how her ambition never hurt those around her, but rather brightened the lives of her clanmates.

Warrior: 12 – 33

Firelight watched the young cats of the clan grow, and was elated to receive an apprentice of her own.** She was a patient teacher who applied her mantra of ‘all’s well that ends well’ to her teachings. Even with her more laid back style she managed to whip the young cat into shape and was proud to watch them graduate into a fully fledged warrior.

She also became interested in having a litter of kits, and was fascinated with motherhood and the idea of starting a lineage of her own.

Deputy: 33 – 46 moons

Firelight was named deputy after the death of the previous deputy from old age. No one was particularly surprise that her predecessor had passed as they had been deputy for as long as most of them had been alive. Firelight was thrilled to be given the chance to represent her clan. She was a approachable, if unremarkable deputy.

Firelight retired from her position as Deputy after her first attempt at a litter of kits. The process took a lot out of her, and unfortunately all of the litter died before they were named***. She was content to pass the title along to a cat that was healthier, and she retired to the Elder’s den where she could recover her strength.

Elder: 46 – 90 moons

After her retirement Firelight took her time deciding that she wanted to do with herself. As the years passed, the pain of losing her first litter slowly eased and she eventually began looking into having a second one. With a bill of clean health from the Whisperingdove she asked a young tom named Antlerrush to sire the litter for her.

Her kits were born – healthy and happy two moons later and she put her all into being a good mother for them. As the were apprenticed she took up her old habits of hunting on the territory; which eventually led to her death.

Firelight passed after defending herself from a she-fox; injuring the creature enough that it fled the territory. She died soon after due to her injuries but protected the clan even in her final moments.

Sire: Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Dam: Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Coldgaze (A chocolate classic tabby tom with nicked ears and odd eyes)
Splashpelt (A large, square chested chocolate classic tabby tom)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Firelight Unknown Sire ()
Unknown Dam ()

[Genealogy Details]

Significant Cats

Antlerrush: Firelight asked the younger tom to sire a litter for her, as he always made her smile and was kind to elders, which was something that she didn’t think anyone else noticed about him. She got a lot of questions about it after she announced him as the sire – the main one being ‘Why?”

Notes & Additional Details

*I would be willing to give Firelight siblings, if someone wanted a Sire or Dame for their cat. At the moment she has none – but that’s for my own concrete sequential madness.

**Looking for apprentice – if anyone is looking for a mentor.

***If anyone wants to have a cat that was part of Firelight’s first litter, they are welcome to make one; just let me know so I can edit her page.

Parent Pool: This character is a part of the Parent Pool.
Genetics: This character requires a genetic code to be bred.
Bans Data: Firelight has been compiled into the bans records.
Firelight is a Female Cat with a Red Non-color restricted pelt of Long Normal textured hair. They are of Medium Size and Common build. Their eyes are Amber and ears are Normal. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Normal legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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