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Deputy of RiverClan
A Male cat.
By Antlerrush out of Firelight.
Living at the age of 27 Moons (2.1 Years)
Short Description:

A chocolate classic tabby tom with nicked ears and odd eyes

Long Description:

A brown marbled tabby, with long legs and nicked ears. Despite his height, he isn’t a heavy cat although one might think that as his long fur makes him appear much larger than he is. His tail is shorter than most, and tends to stick out horizontally as he walks, making him appear rather strange. His eyes are a dark green and mid-tone yellow; his name comes from his personality more than his appearance.

  • Coldgaze has a multitude of scars across his entire body, although they are mostly centred around his head. He received most of these when he was trapped in a twolegged snare. He is also missing 2 claws on his left front paw from his desperate attempt to escape; injuring the claw bed so they never grew back.
  • His ears were damaged in a fight with a Riverclan warrior, which earned him the name Coldgaze. He wears the damage like a badge of honour.



Coldgaze lives up to his name, in that he was never the most sympathetic cat. He is aloof, cold and tends to keep to himself. He is personable when one actually gets him talking but for the most part he is a silent figure in Riverclan, albeit a dependable one.

  • He has a strong sense of justice as to what is right and wrong, and has a much more traditional and perhaps – uncharitable perspective of the warrior code. His strong distrust of the other clans and non-clan cats comes from personal experience and he isn’t one to open up and share his woes with anyone.

Coldgaze isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in, even when this causes him to be injured. He has gotten into multiple fights with other clans at the border over land rights – most notable Thunderclan and the use of Sunningrocks. He doesn’t stand for insults and would rather let actions do the talking. This may make him seem like an aggressive, violent cat but the opposite could not be more true.

  • He knows that violence causes the most about of damage to his clan and would rather avoid it. However idle paws are of little use in wartime and he is always prepared for a threat to take what he loves the most – unforseen circumstances have taken everyone he cared about and he would not wish that on any cat.

Finally, Coldgaze has a lot of respect for Medicine Cats and Starclan. He has always felt a connection to the spiritual, and while it might not be as strong as a Medicine Cat or leader he will look to the stars for guidance first. He trusts that his ancestors – and now his loved ones – have his best interests at heart and wants to see the clan grow and succeed as much as he does.

  • He has had strange dreams ever since his near death experience with the snare – and for the most part he writes it off as things he cannot interpret; they are rarely bad dreams. More recently these have turned dark and unsettling.
Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2018) 112
  • The Leader named them Molekit in RiverClan during the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2018) 112
  • Made an Apprentice as Molepaw in RiverClan during the Moon of Tiger's Wraith (2018) 117
  • Named a Warrior as Coldheart in RiverClan during the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2019) 125
  • Earned the name Coldgaze in RiverClan during the Moon of Tiger's Wraith (2019) 130
  • Deputized as Coldgaze in RiverClan during the Moon of Long Sun (2020) 136
Full History:

Kit: 0-6 moons

Molekit was born alongside his 3 siblings – most notably Splashkit and was a bubbly, energetic kit. He was constantly testing the boundaries of what was allowed by escaping from the nursery and eventually the camp. On his 3rd moon, he succeeded in bringing himself and his littermates out of the camp.

While Splashkit managed to find his way back, Molekit became hopelessly lost. He hid in the bushes until Splashkit returned and guided him home. Both of the kits were filthy – and received a stern talking to about the dangers of going out of camp alone. Splashkit seemed unaffected, while Molekit took the warning to heart – and was terrified of the world beyond the camp; and eventually, beyond Riverclan territory.

Apprentice: 6-14 moons

Molepaw was apprenticed to Duckfeather on his 6th moon, alongside his brother Splashpaw. Molepaw was terrified of the world by the time he reached apprenticeship. He was convinced that everything was dangerous – to him and to those he loved. This fear was evident during the first few moons of his training, and his mentor had a hard time teaching a cat that was shaking so hard he could barely stand. Splashpaw and Molepaw experienced heartbreak when during their 8th moon, both of their parents were killed by a she-fox defending its kits. Splashpaw clung to his mentor Ambereye, while Molepaw became more recluse, pulling away from everyone around him. His fears were real and proven. The world was dangerous – and he had to figure out a way to protect his clan from it.

Ironically, the death of his parents made the apprentice appear less afraid – as if he had steeled his nerves. In reality he was determined to become stronger than everything that could hurt him. His aggressive behaviour got him into trouble when he chased a kittypet out of Riverclan territory, getting himself caught in a snare in the process. His desperation to escape the trap resulted in him injuring his throat and front claws – two of which would never grow back.

He was only saved when two twoleg kits found him and, for some reason, released him. He limped back to camp – horribly injured – and spent three moons recovering in the Medicine cat den before he could return to training.

  • In the Medicine Cat den. Molepaw finally understood the warrior code. Willowfrost was very firm with the young apprentice as she recognized his brashness for what it was – fear. While she didn’t remove all of his internalized terror, Molepaw gained a new respect for the traditions of the clan and for the role that a Medicine cat played in clan life.

Molepaw accompanied Duckfeather to the Highrocks on his 14th moon. He wasn’t one of the apprentices who was chosen to enter, but he still felt that there was something about the cave that drew him in – and almost compelled him to sneak in after the other cats. Molepaw passed his evaluations in his 14th moon, and was granted the name Coldheart, for his aloof personality. He received his Warrior name two moons after his littermate Splashpelt, who was cheering him on in the crowd.

Warrior: 14-23 moons

Coldheart took to warriorhood like a fish to water. He wasn’t the greatest hunter, but he was constantly patrolling the edges of the territory with almost tireless energy. He was less enamoured with stories than Splashpelt, but he respected Boldstar for his bravery and aggression in the service of the clan even if he didn’t always agree with the tom’s more laidback attitude most of the time.

He had very little tolerance for other cats who acted selfish, and this came to a head when another Riverclan cat was found to be breaking the warrior code. Coldheart had been following the actions of his fellow warrior for many moons and had seen him steal prey multiple times as well as travel to other territories to hunt. He harshly chastised his fellow warrior – who was many moons older than him. A fight broke out in camp, with Coldheart taking decisive victory after his opponent mocked Boldstar; something that he wouldn’t stand for. He didn’t always agree with the Leader, but time and time again they had proved that they lived for their clanmates. Something that his opponent clearly had never considered.

  • Coldheart was chastised for attacking a fellow warrior – and did argue with the leadership regarding his actions. He wasn’t rude or aggressive, but simply stated his side of the story. He wasn’t always prone to violence and certainly respected Boldstar enough to calmly talk with the bigger tom. If Boldstar wanted him to leave, he would do so willingly.

Despite being put on elder duty for a solid 4 moons, and spending most of his days digging trenches in dirt-place, Coldheart was given the name Coldgaze for his attention to detail and the critical gaze he cast on those who broke the Warrior code. He never regretted his choice to defend himself and his Leader from hateful accusations – and was grateful when his opponent finally retired so that he wouldn’t have to endure tense patrols or hateful looks.

Deputy: 23-25 moons

Coldgaze’s last few moons have been an absolute nightmare. Both Duckfeather and Splashpelt passed away under unknown circumstances and while he tries his best to put on airs that he is unaffected, his fear of the unknown is slowly consuming him. Despite his personal misgivings, Boldstar saw fit to reward him for his loyalty. Coldgaze was granted the title of Deputy; a title he does not wholly feel ready for.

  • He is desperate to find the cause so that no one else in the clan must suffer – constantly asking for updates from Willowfrost and Nettlepaw and spending nights on patrol or guard duty, sending silent prayers to Starclan for guidance.

Coldgaze attended the gathering on Moon of Long Sun (2020) and was responsible for choosing Mistykit from the litter that was abandoned at the Fourtrees. When asked, he states that he saw potential in her. What he actually means is that he saw fear in her eyes, but she chose to fight it rather than flee. He respects that in a cat – even one as young as Mistykit.

He also sees a chance to take what is rightfully Riverclan’s from Thunderclan… if he can just figure out an angle.

  • A discussion with Briarfang and Otterwhisker brought up the notion of mentoring an apprentice, which is something Coldgaze hopes he will eventually be allowed to do.
Sire: Antlerrush (A long legged chocolate ticked tabby tom with a bobbed tail)
Dam: Firelight (A longhaired red classic tabby she-cat with a bald spot on her tail)
Full Siblings:
Splashpelt (A large, square chested chocolate classic tabby tom)
Other Family:

Silverlark (A gray tabby she-cat with green eyes) – Great, great, great paternal grandmother.

  • Hawkstar (A pale gold eyed brown tabby tom)- Sire of Silverlark
  • Larkpelt (A silver tabby she-cat)- Dame of Silverlark

Pebblepaw (A gray spotted tabby tom with large paws and hazel eyes)- Great, great, great Uncle
Shadedstrike (A gray tabby smoke bi-color tom with dark gold eyes)- Great, great, great Uncle

Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Coldgaze Antlerrush Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Firelight Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)

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Significant Cats
Duckfeather (A calico ticked tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes)

Nettlepaw (A blue-eyed, cream ticked tabby tom with a white locket & bushy tail): Coldgaze speaks to Nettlepaw with respect – and sees the younger cat as a confidant and companion. Nettlepaw has never once disappointed Coldgaze – while the young cat has made plenty of mistakes, Coldgaze understands that Nettlepaw is very much still learning, yet has a younger, fresh perspective on the world that Coldgaze appreciates.

  • He often spends time with the Medicine Cats, either to discuss current clan events, offer protection when they travel to collect herbs, and to share his strange dreams. He has known Willowfrost since he was an apprentice and treats her with respect and reverence befitting her station. Hes’s still rather quiet around her

Mistykit (A lilac tabby mink she-kit with mismatched eyes): Coldgaze feels some sort of responsibility for Mistykit, given he was the one to choose her at the gathering. His distrust of non-clan cats and worry that she will be a burden clashes with his desire to see her thrive, and as a result he often distances himself from the young she-cat and looks out for her from afar.

Notes & Additional Details

Coldgaze has a negative view of Thunderclan at the moment. He thinks that the kits were put at the Fourtrees to show the clans true nature.

  • Thunderclan clearly has rifts in its ranks, which Coldgaze intends to exploit when he gets the chance. He thinks Moosestar is… pathetic would be accurate.

Coldgaze also has opinions on the ‘Fierceblood’ notion. He finds it stupid. All that title seems to do is create entitled warriors. Because of this, if he ever has any kits, he would ask the Queen not to announce the sire – Nepotism is a blight and should be eradicated.

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Coldgaze is a Male Cat with a Brown Non-color restricted pelt of Long Normal textured hair. They are of Medium-large Size and Common build. Their eyes are Odd and ears are Damaged. Their tail is Short, with Normal paws and Long legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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