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Why Can’t I…

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Be of X Lineage?

Why can’t my character’s parents be “Great Warriors”?

Greatness is, firstly, a matter of opinion. Secondly, it is something that belongs to PCs (Player Characters) rather than NPCs (Non-player Characters). Your characters’ parents, without the history to establish their greatness, would have no right to it. If they’re not dead, they’d be off-camera (not RPed) the majority of the time. That’s not conducive to Greatness.

Why can’t I have my character descended of a leader or deputy?

This is more complicated than a simple “no”. You can, in fact, be descended of leader/deputy characters if the person in charge of making choices on behalf of that leader/deputy agree to the genetic relationship.

The first step if you wish to be related to one of the game’s deputies or Clan Leaders is to consult the Leader or Deputy Histories. From there you can examine the character sheets and family trees of the various characters you might select. If there isn’t a character sheet for a name you can question Kitsufox on the matter. From there you should reach out to the various players and ask if you can have permission to create a character that is part of the family tree.

Once you have permission you can create the character but the players of characters you are directly related to will have to PM Kitsufox so that she can record those grants of permission.

Why can’t my character be the offspring of a medicine cat?

Any time a medicine cat reproduces an entire clan would be subjected to a huge risk, making the action into a very very large plot. Since this would be an immensely major event and have very longstanding ramifications an MC breeding would be subject to plot approvals and a great number of things like that. It is not something that will ever be permitted off camera.

If a plot was presented to me, one that made the Staff believe that these cats would actively violate the core tenants of the code and the society it might be possible for it to happen on camera in the game some day.

Look this way

Why can’t my character have red eyes?


While CoSC is rather free and loose with eye colors, I’ve never seen a cat with red eyes. Find me a picture from a legitimate source posted on the origin website, and at least a semi-reliable genetic reference and we’ll talk.

Feel free to substitute Violet for red, or metallic anything, or any other completely unnatural color.

Why can’t my character be white tabby?

This is another question that is attributed to genetics. If a marking, pattern, color, or color combination does not exist in domestic cats in nature it does not exist at CoSC where we use real genetics to decide what kittens look like.

Feel free to substitute any other unnatural color, pattern or marking for white tabby. (IE: Dalmation-type spots, colored feet with a white body, ect).

Be Something

Why can’t I create a kit?

Because if we let kits get created without IC Family and the like not only would the 6 IC Moons (12 RL Months) be rather a drag, but the clans would be overrun with kits (and eventually apprentices). We fight to maintain population balances and this is one of the ways we accomplish it.

If you’re interested in adopting a Kitten you can check the Adoptions Department to see if any are available.

Why can’t I create an apprentice?

CoSC works hard to balance many things. We balance realism against the game canon, clan numbers against each other, and rank numbers against one another. Balance if one of many aspects that keep apprentices on the ban list.

Another factor is how few mentors there really are in each clan. Mentoring is a privilege, not a right. Cats who are unsuited to the task or out of favor with the leader can (and frankly, should) go to the elder’s den without having mentored an apprentice. This severely limits the number of apprentice slots, which PC Progeny have priority to receive.

Why can’t my character be a Queen Already?

It ties into the reasons that we don’t permit kit and apprentice creation, on top of the fact that don’t permit litters of Player Characters (PCs) to be fathered or born by Non-player Characters (NPCs). (Rules reference: Litters Department.)

It should be noted that at CoSC we do not consider Queen a rank held by cats who are not currently pregnant or raising kittens. That means that a cat cannot remain a queen following having a litter and avoid returning to Warrior Duties. There simply isn’t enough work in the nursery for something like that to not be a dangerous burden on the clan.

Why can’t my character be the absolute best?

Because your character is not a superhero. It is normal.

Really, I can’t think of anything more that needs to be said about this.

Why can’t my character be super-strong and very agile all at once?

Once again, your character is not a superhero. If it builds up the massive muscle for super-strong then extreme agility becomes impossible. While it is possible to be average at both, mixing them in even parts that aren’t half and half just don’t really work.

Why can’t my character be a rogue or loner of kittypet who joined the clans? It happens in the books ThunderClan all the time!

The books have a prophecized kittypet leading ThunderClan, while CoSC had a red-furred psychotic bigot who thinks ‘kill on sight’ is an acceptable policy for Rogues, Loners and Kittypets even with the code.

We have our own game history, with involves a fairly recent war. and we have more than enough characters of non-clan blood who’ve joined in the last generation. While IC Joining might happen in some clans, they have to happen IC and won’t be permitted prior to a character going into the game as a PC.

Why can’t my character be created with a reputation?

Reputation indicates that your character has gone above “normal” off screen. This violates the idea that impressive actions by characters should happen on screen whenever possible. Due to this we avoid creating characters with a reputation beyond their immediate group.

For Plots: In the case of a character created with a plot in mind, characters with an existing reputation might be permitted.
With Special Permission: The Administration might permit a character with a reputation with special permission. These situations will be rare, and to be permitted one you must request a private discussion via the appropriate channels to talk to he Administration and make a pitch.

Why can’t my character have a prophecy in its past?

Characters who are newly created cannot have taken part in the prophecies of the past because those prophecies were played out in the game and the happenings are set in stone. If your character was alive then it’s assumed that they quietly did their duty without attracting any significant level of attention to themselves.

This relates to the general rule the limits and regulates prophecy through the the Administration team. Please consult that General Rule prior to asking for an exemption to or more information about this rule.

Play Something

Why can’t I make a Rogue, Loner or Kittypet?

Because we’ve decided that the ranks of clan origin simply wouldn’t be effective to use for PCs not of clan origin. Rogue and Loner don’t have an exact translation (they were pretty fuzzy to start with), Kittypets are called “Domestic” here. We also have “Feral” and “Semi-feral”. Full details are available in PSA #19.

Why can’t I have a character that isn’t a cat?

The point of CoSC is to RP as cats. Most specifically clan cats. We permit non-cat characters only as plot-related NPCs who are necessary for story reasons only. This is because it would dilute the goal and purpose of the game to permit players to play any species they desire. If you feel you have a plot/story reason/ect that warrants a non-cat NPC, please contact Kitsufox to discuss it, but keep in mind that such requests are rarely approved.

Why can’t I play a StarClan Cat?

Here at CoSC we don’t play StarClan cats because we have chosen to focus on the earthly realm because it is simply more interesting. In StarClan cats can no longer come to harm, age or otherwise truly grow. In accordance we have focused on the more dynamic realm. StarClan cats are played occasionally when they appear to or otherwise interact with an earthly cat, but such events must be approved by the administration team.

If you feel you have a situation that warrants an IC appearance by a StarClan cat you play (your name is listed on the character sheet and it appears on your character list) please contact Kitsufox to request permission.

Why can’t my character be the reincarnation of a StarClanner?

CoSC does not consider reincarnation to be a part of their take on the Warriors World. It is considered to go against fundamentals of the StarClan theology and thus is considered to be beyond the abilities of StarClan to return spirits to the earthly world in a permanent fashion. This ideal goes hand in hand with the inability of StarClan cats to physically effect the world. Stuffing a new spirit into a kitten is a significant change to force into the world.

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