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How do I create a character?

Head over to the Character Creation Area and follow the appropriate instructions.

How do I get a genotype for my character?

To get a genotype for a character you simply follow the instructions provided by the Genetics Department.

How do I get an Incorrect Sdesc Fixed?

See PSA #14 for details.

How do I delete a pending character I don’t want to finish?

PM Kitsu through the messages system and ask her to delete it.

Please keep in mind that this is not an acceptable way to get rid of an approved character. If you want to be shot of an approved character you’ll need to find a good way to kill them off IC. If you want advice on doing so, contact Kitsufox about it.

How do I upload an image?

Images can be uploaded from the dialog windows in the character sheet editors.

How do I become a Staff Member?

The CoSC Staff positions are assigned based on admin discretion. If the Admins are interested in you joining the staff, they will contact you.

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