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On the Subject of Things Not Actually Related to This Game…

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How did you make this site?

I used software available from www.wordpress.org and installed it on my own server, www.kitsufox.com, which is something I pay for with real money. Most of the most complicated systems on this site are fueled by the Pods Plugin.

Where can I go to get a site like this?

There are a few options. You can buy your own hosting and domain and set yourself up. This is the method I recommend, as there are very few rules to how you can use it and you control all elements of the backend.

Another option is to go to www.wordpress.com and get one of the free blogs they offer. I don’t know how much customization they permit on the hosting there, but it is the same software that forms the core of this site, that I have heavily customized to give the functionality we have.

Can you host me on kitsufox.com?

No. I offer space on kitsufox.com occasionally, but I hand select sites that I do offer space to. If you haven’t received an offer for hosting from me, don’t ask. If you approach me about it the answer is automatically ‘No’.

Can you make me a site like this?

No. I’m already pressed enough for time as it is. It’s not difficult to learn enough coding and suchlike to be able to set up your own site like this, assuming you even have a domain and webspace that can support it.

Where can I go to get a domain and webspace of my own?

I use Namecheap for my webspace and domain. I have used this combination for a number of years, and have been rather happy with it.

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