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Minimum Post Length

Posts must meet a minimum length requirement of 3 complete sentences with longer posts being preferred. Players who make posts of less than 3 sentences will receive a formal warning. Those who receive consistent warnings may be expelled from the game at the discretion of the game administrators.

Reasonable Self Limitation

A player is expected to keep themselves within reasonable limits. This means that players need to think before they join threads, particularly if they are involved in a large number already, or if they’re involved in ones that might change the way their character would respond in the current thread.

When Threads Happen

Every threads must be clearly marked with an indicator of when in game time in happens. This is accomplished by filling out the mandatory lines on the posting form for the day and moon of the thread.

Where Threads Happen

Every thread must be clearly marked with a Wherestamp in the original post. This indication of where a thread happens should use a location listed in the area descriptions on the Wiki. It is suggested that you work to be as clear as possible on the location a thread is happening to avoid confusion.

Posting Order

When you’re in a thread, all other people in a thread should be permitted to post prior to you making another post. A thread should automatically be using a posting order regardless of how many or how few players are involved. It is a matter of respect for the other people in the thread and their right to participate equally once they’ve joined.

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