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These rules include the expectations and various documents used by staff to ensure consistency of judgement and enforcement across character sheets. Rules in this section don’t directly effect players, but they do effect what players are permitted to have in their character sheets.

Clan Cat Guidelines

Age Guidelines

Due to CoSC’s much harsher take on the warriors world, we interpret Clanner ages a bit differently than most games do. In accordance we have created a help file to explain out age interpretations. The general guidelines being employed in the creation of this guide is that of 1 Moon being equivalent to 1 year of human development. It should also be understood that, due to the lack of scientifically based medical care and vaccines, feral cats lives are nowhere near as long as the lives of those who live as house pets.

Clan Bans

These rules outline things that are specifically not permitted (or permitted based on limitations) by individual Clan.

See AlsoTC BansRC BansWC Bans, and SC Bans

Name Rules

Names are subject to frequent and lengthy discussion in the Warriors Fandom. To clarify the CoSC approach to many of the name issues, all of our policies and practices are outlined herein.

Realm of Experience

Realm of Experience refers to the idea that the Clan Cats experience life in a certain way that differentiates the language they use from that of humankind. It’s specifically used primarily to refer to words that lie outside their “Realm of Experience”. This means that, because clan cats don’t experience life with humans then certain human words would not be amongst those they would know or learn.

Non-Clan Cat Guidelines

Non-clan Bans

These rules outline things that are specifically not permitted (or permitted based on limitations) by for cats outside the Clans.

Overall Character Guidelines

Approvals Process Outlined

This is a rundown of the process that  admin employ when we run checks of characters. It is outlined as it is so that users who are interested may better understand the process and even employ at least some level of pre-check they do themselves.

Mature Themes

The world of the clan cats is a harsh place, but that does not excuse the players of this game from responsible use of sensitive topics. In accordance we have created this document to explain our expectations and requirements for several sensitive subjects. These guidelines apply to both histories and role play.

Short Description Guidelines

In an effort to clarify and simplify and the confusing subject of color naming. The specific purpose of this policy is to address what each term is considered to mean and how it will translate from the Description into the Short Description. The color words lists given here are NOT all inclusive, but as decisions are made on how to interpret words not already listed here, they will be added.

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