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All Role Play happening on CoSC is intended to be consensual. All players involved and effected by a thread must exhibit willingness to participate and accept the result. “Intense” scenes, such as those that involve fighting, death, or other mature themes, are particularly subject to this policy. ICA=ICC Policy will always take precedent over the Consent Policy in role play, and players will be considered to have consented to the results of extreme actions (such as attacking another or smarting off to their leader) simply by taking them to avoid Retroactive Continuity (retcon) in which RP is considered never to have happened for reasons of poor player judgment.

When using another player’s character in a character sheet you must have the player in question contact the approvals staff with a notification of their consent for the appearance prior to submission for approval.


The acronym “ICA=ICC” translates as “In Character Actions Equal In Character Consequences”. This rule means that your character’s actions with have In Character (IC) consequences. By doing something using unsound judgment a player as automatically consented to the results of the scene. If this results in extreme consequences for your character, so be it.

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