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Realm of Experience

Realm of Experience refers to the idea that the Clan Cats experience life in a certain way that differentiates the language they use from that of humankind. It’s specifically used primarily to refer to words that lie outside their “Realm of Experience”. This means that, because clan cats don’t experience life with humans then certain human words would not be amongst those they would know or learn.


  • Gemstones – Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Etc
  • Slang – Dude, Smokin’, Etc
  • Other species Gender Words – Stallion, Mare, Hen, Rooster, Etc
  • Other species Offspring Words – Foal, Pup, Piglet, Etc
  • Physical Objects from the Human World – Wheel, Toaster, Fridge, Etc
  • Species that do not exist in the wild in the Clan Territories – Lobster, Zebra, Ardwolf, Etc

* This list is not all encompassing, but is intended to help guide and lead to an understanding of those words that fall outside the clan cat RoE. Over time other specific examples will be added.


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