DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is in relation to a role playing game based on a fictional book series. None of the information provided herein should be used to treat yourself or your pets. Please consult someone trained in first aid, Human Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or another appropriate professional before attempting to treat a living creature.
Cat Given Name : Burdock
Other Name(s) : Thorny Burr
Description :

A stout handsome plant, with large, wavy leaves and round heads of purple flowers. It is enclosed in a globular involucre of long stiff scales with hooked tips, the scales being also often interwoven with a white, cottony substance.

The whole plant is a dull, pale green, the stem about 3 to 4 feet and branched, rising from a biennial root. The lower leaves are very large, on long, solid foot-stalks, furrowed above, frequently more than a foot long heart-shaped and of a grey colour on their under surfaces from the mass of fine down with which they are covered. The upper leaves are much smaller, more egg-shaped in form and not so densely clothed beneath with the grey down.

Properties :

Burdock is well-known for its ability to purify, both internally and externally. It is also commonly used to cool wounds and aid healing.

Related Knowledge
Complaints : Burn, Abrasion, Damaged Tooth, Fleas, Snakebite, Abrasion,
Symptoms : Infection, Abrasions, Anxiety, Envenomation, Flea Bites, Itch, Poor Circulation,
Species :
Seasonal Availabilities by Territory *
* To find a plant that is not available in an area, it must first be approved by the Game Admins. Please PM one of the Admin Team for that permission.
^ The listed seasons are those in which the herb is ready in some way for harvest. Consult the collection methods below for details.
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Collecting & Storing Leaves
When to Collect : Early Greenleaf
How to Collect : The leaves should be plucked from the plant, taking care to select only those of good green color that have not been eaten by insects.
How to Preserve : The leaves should be laid in full sun to dry.
How to Store : Store in loose piles in a cool, dry place.
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Collecting & Storing Roots
When to Collect : Mid to Late Greenleaf
How to Collect : The roots should be dug carefully, never taking more than half the roots in a growth area so as not to destroy the plot of the Clans. Take care not to keep any that are overly soft or at all worm-eaten.
How to Preserve : The roots should be washed, then laid in full sun until fully dried.
How to Store : Store in neat piles in a cool, dry place.
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Collecting & Storing Seeds
When to Collect : Late Greenleaf to early Leaf-fall
How to Collect : The seeds should be shaken from the plant and fall on their own from the buds.
How to Preserve : The seeds should be dried slowly in the shade to best preserve their healing powers.
How to Store : store in loose piles in a cool, dry place.
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Detailed Usage Information
Leaves : Crush and apply externally at the site of a snakebite to ease pain. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Leaves : Crush and apply externally where sores are ulcers are located to aid in healing. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Leaves : Crush and apply externally to areas of poor circulation. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Roots : Chew and apply externally to treat infection. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Seeds : Consuming seeds of burdock will bring relaxation to a cat. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Seeds : Crushed seeds may be rubbed on areas of dry skin to relieve the itch and start the healing process. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]