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Cat Given Name : Mint
Other Name(s) : American Wild Mint
Description :

a perennial plant with an underground creeping rhizome and upright shoots. It can grow to a height of about 18 inches (460 mm). It has hairy stems bearing opposite pairs of leaves. Each leaf is borne on a short stalk and has a wedge-shaped base and is lanceolate or ovate, with a toothed margin and a hairy surface. The flowers are borne in spikes at the tips of the shoots. The flowers may be bluish, pink or white. They are arranged in a spiral around the inflorescence. Each flower has five sepals, four petals, four stamens and a superior ovary. The fruits are dry and split open when ripe releasing the two seeds.

Properties :

Mint is valued especially for its antiseptic properties and its beneficial effect on the digestion. Mint is used in the treatment of colds, fevers, sore throats, gas, colic, indigestion etc.

Related Knowledge
Complaints : Blackcough, Burn, Chronic Cough, Colic, Fleas, Greencough, Killingcough, Kitcough, Whitecough,
Symptoms : Cough, Difficulty Breathing, Fever, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Sore Throat, Vomiting,
Species :
Seasonal Availabilities by Territory *
* To find a plant that is not available in an area, it must first be approved by the Game Admins. Please PM one of the Admin Team for that permission.
^ The listed seasons are those in which the herb is ready in some way for harvest. Consult the collection methods below for details.
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Collecting & Storing Leaves
When to Collect : Late new-leaf thru late green-leaf
How to Collect : Bite the leaves off at the stem, selecting only whole and undamaged leaves
How to Preserve : Dry the herb in a sunny spot.
How to Store : Store in loose piles in a clean, dry location.
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Detailed Usage Information
Leaves : May be consumed to aid in the treatment of digestive complaints. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Leaves : May be consumed to aid in the treatment of fevers. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Leaves : May be consumed to aid in the treatment of a sore throat. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Leaves : Chew and apply to the coat to drive away fleas and ticks. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]