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When The Mind Wanders

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Tigerrush had spent the morning collecting a variety of herbs and plants that were in the prime time to harvest and was currently spreading her bounty out to dry. Part of the reason she had gone out as early as she had was so she could gather as much as she could before sunhigh. The more she could gather and dry before leaf-bare, the better off the clan would be if they got suck during that time. As she spread the leaves and roots in the sun to start drying on this hot, clear day, the brown tabby medicine cat began to pace, not really noticing what she was doing as her mind began to wander.

Another reason she had gone out so early was to distract herself from the surprise death of a clanmate the night after the Gathering and for the life of her, she couldn't figured out what might have caused Dustpaw's death. He was young and strong and healthy- if he had been sick at all, she hadn't been made aware of it. Was his death one of those prophesized by Starclan? If so, what had he eaten to have ended his healthy, young life so early? Was it related somehow to the fox's dead body the patrol had found late last moon? Was there something to piece them together that she just wasn't recognizing at this point in time?




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