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Closed Thread Hot, Wet, and Dire (Medicine Cat's Meeting - Long Sun '20)

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Rowanglade ignored both the heat and the drops of moisture that clung to her fur. It wasn't raining now, though she could only assume it was but a matter of time until the rain at least tried again.

the light of the moon cast deep shadows amongst the stark lines of the stones around her as she made her way across the rocky ground towards Mothermouth. Sacredmoor was well behind her now. The waxing quarter of the moon always brought prophecy with it. It was why the Medicine Cats of the Great Clans had begun to gather here after Reoc tore Highstones into existence. As she came up onto the platform before Mothermouth she was grateful for Reoc's claws anew.  There was just enough of an overhang above her that she would remain dry if the rain decided now was the time.

She settled close to the rock wall to await the arrival of the rest of StarClan's most dedicated servants.




The Medicine Cats, and if they choose to bring them, their apprentices


The normal meeting of the Medicine Cats


Highstones, on the ledge just outside Mothermouth.

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  The moon was full of trials, and meeting hardship head on was a ticked cream colored cat, splashes of white moist with droplets as clumps of his fur seemed slick and streamline. For a Riverclan cat, however, he wasn't fond of getting wet. Or rather, he wasn't fond of water leaking into the sick den from cracks in the warren, muddying his drying piles and generally causing stress.

The stress of his training wasn't all that he had bottled up, and glanced behind him, tail held high as if to guide the cat, both medicine cat and teacher, over Sacredmoor. The craggy stones felt heavy under his paws as he continued, his blue eyes sharp while Willowfrost's were silvering and nearly sightless.

When they approached the shelter of Mothermouth, he ducked his head with a grateful sigh. Finally, some relief from the rain should it swell over and drown them again. Nettlepaw and his mentor had taken their time arriving but found only the lean form of Rowanglade silluetted against the rocky shadows.

Willowfrost could be friendly and chat all she wanted, but Nettlepaw was wary, wondering what prophetic words of Starclan awaited them this time. Only sparing the Windclan medicine cat a cursory glance, his white chin dipped in silent greeting, distracted.

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Half-shivering from the cold, a Bi-colored she-cat slowly made her way up the trail leading to the Mothermouth. It comes as no surprise to anycat that Flutterdream really didn’t like getting wet. I wonder how Riverclan can just jump into the water without a care in the world. The she-cat thought her pelt prickling as more rain accumulated onto her fur.

Once she spotted the shelter leading to the inside of Mothermouth, she broke out into a mix of a run and a trot happy to find some way to get out of the rain. The Shadowclan cat, once inside not really paying much attention around her, shook out her fur sending droplets of rain over every cat currently there.

Quickily realizing her mistake, she felt her fur heat up as embarrassment corsed through her.”My bad. I have a habit of not paying attention.” Flutterdream mewed as she sat to attempt to clean her damp tail. 





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Tigerrush trotted energetically towards Mothermouth, worried she might be late to meet up with the rest of the medicine cats. Although the weather had been sunny and very warm for the most part, the humidity was the only kink in her plans. It was making it hard to dry out the herbs she had been collecting and she had been making sure the elders hadn't found their joints aching too badly. 

The little brown tabby didn't even hide the worry she felt. Between Stanclan's cryptic words, the haunting voices repeating over and over from the vision of the last medicine cat meeting and the dead fox found on the territory last moon, she wasn't sure what to make of it yet, but knew deep in her belly that it boded ill for the clans. She just wish she could work out why, aside from the obvious fox showing up dead.

"I apologize. I didn't mean to be late."