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The sun warmed the ground around the camp, making it a pleasant hotspot for anyone wanting to rest their bones. A gentle wind ruffled through fur and grass, an echo of nature to come out and play.

Doveflight listened to the gust, closing her eyes as she sat a few tail lengths away from the elder den, letting the wind further mess up her disheveled fur. She released a sigh, opening her green eyes to gaze at the elders den with a hint of mourn.




Anyone from Wc!


Anything, natural progression from a talk of loss to whatever happens next! Improv is best.


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Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.

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Rowanglade slide from the Medicine Cat's Den, the breeze rippling through her coat and gently pressing it against her body. She made her way across the packed surface of the camp, moving past the fresh kill pile without giving it a glance. The gleaming sunshine in the center of camp was just too tempting now that the work of the morning was done.

She saw Doveflight turn sad eyes towards the elder's den. Her tail twitched cautiously behind her as she settled into the sunny area, joining the younger cat. "It's a good time of day for a rest. Long Sun's heat is better slept through than experienced." Rowanglade's goal was the redirect the thoughts. Better that Doveflight focus on the here and now rather than the could-bes and might-happens.

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Doveflight tore her eyes from the den, her whiskers twitching as she listened, “Yes but a day spent resting is a day wasted.” She ‘argued’ back with a small grin, a flick of her tail to show her humor, “How has your den been? Need more moss for bedding?” She asked, feeling her body relax from its former tensed state.

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Love is just a cloudy sky as far as I can see

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Rest wasn't in the cards for Cloudflare, as much as he would have preferred, especially as breeze did little to cool off the stocky tom. At least his fur wasn't stretched long from his skin, being short haired had its perks. Little good it did now as the tom returned from leading sunhigh patrol, the spark of energy in his eyes dulled slightly by the trek.

Brows lifting at he saw the two more sleek forms of Doveflight and Rowanglade, his tail lifted in greeting, flopping quite unceremoniously in a shady spot where he could comfortably converse with them.

With a yawn, the tom winked at Doveflight. "I could do for a bit of rest myself." Now was a good a time as any to flick his front paw towards his maw, giving it a couple confident licks before his ears faced the older she-cat.

"Certainly so, but someone's gotta mark our borders. Care to a bit of lounging yourself, Rowanglade?"


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@foxx Doveflight paid the tom an amused tail flick as she shook her head. Her eyes went back to the elder’s den, listening as the two talked.