Water Dock

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Water Dock
Cat Given Name : Water Dock
Other Name(s) :
Description :

A tall plant of 5-6 feet with furrowed stems spawning from a thick trunk from a blackish root. Flowers grow in nearly leafless shores. The actual leaves are 1-3 feet long, are narrow and lance shaped.

Properties :

The plant is an excellent tonic for the stomach.

Related Knowledge
Complaints : Concussion,
Symptoms : Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea, Eye Irritation, Nausea, Vomiting,
Species :
Seasonal Availabilities by Territory *
* To find a plant that is not available in an area, it must first be approved by the Game Admins. Please PM one of the Admin Team for that permission.
^ The listed seasons are those in which the herb is ready in some way for harvest. Consult the collection methods below for details.
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Collecting & Storing Leaves
When to Collect : Green-leaf thru Late Leaf-fall
How to Collect : Pluck clean leaves of good color from the stems.
How to Preserve : N/A - Leaves of the Water Dock are not useful preserved.
How to Store : N/A - Leaves of the Water Dock are not useful preserved.
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Collecting & Storing Roots
When to Collect : Leaf-fall
How to Collect : Carefully dig the roots up, taking only those that are firm and not worm-eaten. Take care not to remove all healthy roots or an entire patch might be killed.
How to Preserve : Wash the roots carefully in moving water, and then lay out in full sun until fully dried.
How to Store : Store in loose piles in a cool, dry place.
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Detailed Usage Information
Leaves : After gently chewing on the leaves (leaving them in one piece, only bruising them), dip them in water and place over the patience eyes to help heal ulcers of the eyes. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Roots : Consume as a tonic for the stomach. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]
Roots : Consume to aid in recovery from diarrhea. [restrict level="PID Member"][ EDIT ][/restrict]