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Plot Thread Last Train in the Night (14RP20)

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The heat of the day had chased away most of the prey. Many hid beneath the cooling shade of the rock field dotting the area, offering shelter from the sun. Yet when he visited the other day he found a couple mice that had seemed completely out in the open. They hadn't moved much to avoid him strike and found his hunt successful, but even as he prowled the rock field he panted lightly. 

Odd. He hadn't even really began his chase... Why did he feel like he had just sprinted straight from camp? It was getting hotter, and the dark tom blinked. Maybe finding shelter from the sun would be a good idea. Crawling under a large enough space, Nightrain paused to muster enough patience to try to wait for a cloud to pass over the sun.

His tail tip twitched, breath heavy. In a moment, he was moving, but not voluntarily. His eyes widened in confusion as he tried to stand, shaken before he was taken by sudden spasms. When the scene clears, nothing seems to stir. A dark shape beside a rock, a slight hint of a scuffle, but only the desperate scramble of paws before darkness became his eternal shroud.




Nightrain, anyone who wants to happen on her


Nightrain's untimely demise



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Rowanglade was roaming the edges of Rockfield looking for herbs. Her mouth was full with the grape-leaf wrapped specimens she had already found. It was mostly daisy flowers so far, with a good collection of lavender and and a few leaves of hardy sage. By the end of this green-leaf she would see her stores well stocked if things continued this way.

It was by chance that she heard the light scrawling noises from the rock crevasse. Rowanglade carefully set the leaf-bundle aside and slide closer with her body low to the ground to assess the situation. As she grew closer she heard the rattle of breath and saw the dark tail tip quiver and still. It took only a moment for her to recognize the scattering of white "freckles" on the dark-furred face.

"Nightrain?" She slid closer, not liking the stillness of the form. Rowanglade repeated herself. "Nightrain!" She reached out a paw to prod the form's chest. It was then that a thrill of horror raced along her spine.

There was no heartbeat.