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Leader of ThunderClan
A Male cat.
By Thrushwings out of Greenfang.
Living at the age of 52 Moons (4 Years)
Short Description:

A lanky, dark brown tom with yellow eyes and ripped-up ears

Long Description:

Moosestar is a lanky, long tom with a battle-scarred body and ripped up ears. He’s a fairly simple-colored dark brown, comparable to the fur of a moose. He is notably long and stretchy, and often stretches twice his normal body length, especially when being carried/pulled or when laying in certain positions.


Moosestar is a generally authoritative but also goofy tom. He knows when to put up a strong, determined front- and when he can relax his shoulders and be amiable.

He takes after his mentor and preceding leader, Goldenstar, in the fact he has a strong moral compass. He knows and takes advantage of knowing how to use his words and body language to communicate his intentions- working usually towards a more peaceful or defensive outcome. Unless he had an extremely good reason, he would not be the offensive clan in a war.

He often takes value with friendships, as he didn’t have many as a kit or early apprentice.

His battle style tends to focus on sharp bursts of speed by running up to cats and pushing them down before they can cause damage. Instead of causing damage or death, he focuses on using his weight and speed to tire an opponent into submission. He’s fair in battle, so if the attacker retreats, he would allow them- albeit with a few insults or hisses to tail them.

Despite being generally amiable to other cats, Moosestar strongly values honor. This has developed a strong prejudice against domestic cats- “kittypets”, if you will. He is more likely to treat a fellow clan cat well than a cat outside of the clans. If you willingly have twoleg scent on you.. you might as well just turn tail, because the only thing you will get from him is at best a nasty mouth, or at worst- that mouth’s fangs in your shoulder.

Key Dates:
  • Born in the Moon of Turning Leaves (2016) 087
  • Made an Apprentice as Moosepaw in ThunderClan during the Moon of First Green (2017) 093
  • Named a Warrior as Moosestride in ThunderClan during the Moon of Turning Leaves (2017) 100
  • Deputized as Moosestride in ThunderClan during the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2019) 125
  • Became Leader as Moosestar in ThunderClan during the Moon of First Green (2020) 133
Full History:

Kithood 0-6M

Moosekit was born in Thunderclan to Thrushwings and Greenfang. He was born completely healthy, but unfortunately was the only survivor, for the rest were stillborn. Due to being the only kit in the nursery at the time of his birth, he was a very lonely and quiet kit who often stuck to snuggling with mossballs or laying out on rocks. He also enjoyed cat-watching as a kit. He was named Moosekit after his brown-pelted appearance.

Apprenticehood 6-13

Moosepaw became an apprentice of Thunderclan during Moon of First Green (2016). As a lonesome apprentice, his mentor was determined to become a new friend to Moosepaw. This endeavor took a while, as Moosepaw learned to make friends with those who were not in his age group, both younger and older. He also was noted to have liked his first Gathering, and liked joking with the other clan warriors after getting to know them.

The two bonded well during the first two moons, and quickly picked up patrolling almost immediately when Moosepaw reached 8 moons. They both found enjoyment in finally seeing the edges of the territory and hunting together on further portions of territory, like snakerocks and the orchard. Things turned sour, however, when Moosepaw reached 9 moons. His mentor had decided to go to the advanced section early, as Moosepaw was adamant to speed up the process to become a true battling warrior. During his third ever patrol, he went to the southforest nearby tallpines. Once they were close, group encountered an aggressive rogue in the territory. It had come from the twolegplace behind tallpines with a Thunderclan mouse in it’s jaw. Moosepaw, being naive, jumped forwards to fight.

During the battle he scarred his right ear horribly, slicing off the tip and causing other nicks in the sides. The ear is still functional, but can be irritated and bleeds easily. The remainder of his apprenticehood went smoothly, with Moosepaw returning to the second stage until finally reaching his 10th moon. When he went to the moonstone his mid 12th moon, he seemed a tough nervous, but excited at the prospect of visiting Starclan. After the visit, he went through with his assessment.

He failed.

Both him and his mentor was extremely distraught, and Moosepaw could just feel the glares from his dame whenever he passed her. He needed to work harder, and he did. The apprentice motivated himself to keep going, to keep pushing. The next moon, he passed his apprentice assessment, and gained his warrior name, Moosestride, for his lanky legs and stretchy body type.

Warriorhood 13-26M

Moosestride began as a very proud warrior after his warrior ceremony, his patience coming in clutch during his vigil at the campsite entrance. He quickly grew fond of hunting patrols along with his mentor, being able to talk to his friend as they returned to camp with their kills. However, when he reached 19 moons, he had gone on one of the usual hunting patrol towards the twolegplace at this time. The group was hunting, so he scouted along the edge of the fence to see for prey. Just when he was leaping, an enemy had leaped on his back! He was pushed onto his side, hearing the sound of leather against fur as he struggled against his opponent. He had managed to slide himself out from under his enemy’s paws when he noticed; this was a kittypet. He had never seen something like this from one of these chubby puff-balls before!

Either way, his enemy had to leave.

He snarled and leaped back into his battle, thrashing around before managing to send the kittypet off reeling into the fence, then leaping over and disappearing into the garden. He had sustained a scratch on his left shoulder and another on the back of his head. Of course, he was on a patrol, so he went to catch prey. Even if he had won a battle, he was still on a hunting patrol. When he returned to camp after the battle, his dame showed pride that he had already defeated an intruder 1 on 1, even if it was just a kittypet. “We all start off somewhere!” She had said, even though he hadn’t managed to get his prey to the pile yet. The rest of his earlier warriorhood was quiet, though his hate for the twolegplace grew stronger after that.

Warriorhood 26-40M

Moosestride, compared to other warriors, had a more quiet first year than others. Apparently, however, he wasn’t up yet for the chaos. The earliest chaotic event of his second year was a border scuffle with Shadowclan at the thunderpath border. A cat from Shadowclan known as Hawkbeak was his opponent, having been battled in a way that Moosestride had tired and confused him, making him wobbly when the warrior attempted to escape. When the cat crossed the thunderpath, the roar of a monster came, and Hawkbeak was no more. Over the years, Moosestride still feels a slight guilt for Hawkbeak’s death, though now believes the warrior must feel so much more peace in Starclan at this time. His warrior life wasn’t about to calm down yet. He had been assigned his first apprentice by the current leader, for he had shown the capabilities and patience for keeping a young cat in-line, as well as ready for it’s life in the clan. Late during his apprentice’s training, the two were lead on a hunting patrol nearby the well-known owl-tree. The hunting patrol had already spread out to scout and hunt, but any cat could hear it. The sound of a howling dog.

Running towards the sound, as well as the scent, he was the first to arrive to a death scene. A massive white dog, covered in scars with a harness on it’s chest was crouched over his apprentice’s body, slathered in reddish blood that dripped on parts and had already begun to coagulate in others. The deputy’s body was nearby the apprentice’s as well, older and killed in a cleaner way. It appeared his deputy had been ambushed. The dog was feasting on his apprentice’s flesh. Moosestride almost thought he could see a smile on it’s lips.

Moosestride immediately felt rage. Rage for his apprentice, rage for the time spent on his apprentice, wasted through just a single bite of a dog’s teeth, rage for his deputy, rage for his clan. He leaped into battle before backup even arrived, gripping onto the white dog’s back. He wrestled with the dog’s back as other members of the patrol arrived, assisting Moosestride in severely wounding and chasing the dog down the river and towards the twolegplace. In the battle, Moosestride had been the worst wounded of the patrol, other than his apprentice. He had gained similar scars to his right here to his left, a shallow series of scratches on his back and belly from being dragged over the place, rocks, and even just during the chase, and last, a large bite wound on his back.

Despite the patrol’s wounds, the patrol went back to gather up any caught prey as well as the deputy and apprentice’s body, or at least what was left of them. Moosestride was sent by a vote to go straight back to camp, for the group feared Moosestride would die because of the long two-hour trek up the Riverclan border. Wounded and covered in scars, he fell into camp to the surprise of warriors who had just returned from a successful hunting patrol. He managed to pick himself up and return to the medicine den, with the rest of the patrol returning a few hours later with the bodies of their brethren and prey. To Moosestride’s surprise, he was named deputy that moonhigh.

Deputyhood 40-45M 

Moosestride, after he healed, was a well-meaning and helpful deputy, but a nervous one at first. The Leader had been his mentor, but he was certainly not the most experienced in his clan. Despite his doubts, he couldn’t refute his Leader. Within the five moons of his deputyship, he liked the mentor-like life that was similar to his apprenticehood. He felt it was similar to an apprenticeship, but “with more eyes on you than you could ever imagine”. He was noted to be very good at pairing cats together that would increase results, especially in hunting. His deputyship was, overall, very short and sweet.

Leadership 46-50M

Moosestride was extremely distraught when Goldenstar died early into his deputyship. He was a brand new deputy! How could he become leader so early! Will I do this right? Well, he has to. He thought this was the end, but truly, this is the very beginning to this leader’s life.

Despite being a new leader, things had to continue as they were- whether he was ready or not. This was evidenced when Maplesprig’s litter was born- with few warriors he trusted to help train them. He ended up placing Brindlepaw to himself, praying that the stress would not outdo his confidence.

So far, he’s found Brindlepaw a.. character. He appreciates her determination and will, however he can tell that she’s got quite a few traits he would wish to straighten out before she entered Warriorship. He’ll.. definitely have to make sure she knows the borders first, though..

Sire: Thrushwings (A lanky dark brown tom with gold eyes)
Dam: Greenfang (A lanky brown she-cat with green eyes.)
Offspring Parents Grand-parents
Moosestar Thrushwings Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Greenfang Unknown Sire (For characters with an unknown father)
Unknown Dam (For characters with an unknown mother)
Significant Cats
Goldenstar (A solidly muscled ginger and white mackerel tabby tom with yellow eyes)
Brindlepaw (A mostly blue dilute tortie she-cat with a cream chest & amber eyes)
Notes & Additional Details


  • Moosestar(stride) is named after his length and stretchy-ness.
  • Moosestar has a bit of a soft spot for kits, but hasn’t really ever been interested in the prospect of having a family.
  • Moosestar wished he had siblings to be in the nursery with when he was born.
  • Moosestar, despite being able to be goofy even around the other clans when the time calls, seems to have a stronger hate for non-clan cats than the next cat. It’s not too noticeable in a crowd, but it can be seen when he was on border patrols towards the tree-cut place or in other twoleg logging areas.

Moosestar is open to siring.

Moosestar is not open for siblings, whether partial or full, unless they are at least a year or more younger than him! This is because of his history details!


Preceded by Egretcry
Succeeded by Kestrelswipe


Preceded by Goldenstar
Succeeded by [N/A]

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Moosestar is a Male Cat with a Brown Non-color restricted pelt of Short Normal textured hair. They are of Medium Size and Common build. Their eyes are Yellow and ears are Damaged. Their tail is Normal, with Normal paws and Long legs. They are of Non-purebred descent.

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    • has a slight layering affect that seems to mirror a moose’s – Please clarify this marking. Looking at pictures of moose I don’t see anything i understand as a “layering effect”. Also, we do require cats to be genetically possible, so consider looking something like a chocolate ticked tabby toi describe, as I /think/ that will be the most like what you’re after.


    • This makes him a more approachable cat when in times of peace, but is one you should most likely avoid when times aren’t so pleasant. – This is a powerplay, as it controls how other characters react to your character. Please only describe the traits, not the ways you intend for those traits to be interpreted and reacted to by others.


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    • During his third ever patrol, he went to the tallpines. – Why did they go to Tallpines? It’s not a part of ThunderClan territory.
    • Moosepaw was already quite popular by reaching his 11th moon. – This is a powerplay, as it forces other people’s characters to have an opinion that he is popular and well liked.
    • he had committed his first murder. – Is killing a cat from another clan really considered murder? I suspect most clan cats would only view it as murder if it was within the same clan…
    • Moosestride was sent by a vote to go straight back to camp – Offical patrols are led by a senior warrior. This vote would only happen if it was an unoffical patrol. Just a note for your, rather than a demand for changes.
    • He quickly made friends with the leader – Why did the leader pick a cat for deputy that they were not already friends with? Deputies are generally picked from amoungst the Leader’s senior warriors, whom he or she know well and trust to lead patrols and take other responsibilitlies.


    • He’ll only mate if a she-cat wants to have kits with him. – This is basicaly how it works. CoSC is based most strongly on the fist book, where there is no formal claim of being mates and the relationship between cats who have mated is somewhat deemphasised. Please see Mates & Mating.
    • Moosestride is open to siring if wished. I must be told beforehand and must have responded with an “Okay” or something of the like for it to be alright. Do NOT randomly have Moosestride be a sire. – Have no fear. We do not permit litters here that do not have both parental players agreeing to them.
    • Moosestride is NOT open for siblings, whether partial or full, unless they are at least a year or more younger than him! This is because of his history details! I wish to be informed if Moosestride has any siblings, whether a year younger or not. – I suggest that once he is approved you include this in a family finder forum post. It’s the most effective place to find additional family member players for your character.

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