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Closed Thread [Closed] TC Pre-Gathering Meeting - [Running Prey 2020]

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It was a rather hot evening in Thunderclan. Cats milled about, sharing tongues, heading in from the evening patrols, tussling with each other. It was rather sweet, and Moosestar couldn't get enough of watching his clanmates. They could be quite.. vicious on occasion, but on baseline- these cats were his family. Even sarcastic Wrentalon or his over-ethusiastic mother Greenfang. No matter who they were, they were his charges- his sister and brothers in tails. He had fought and hunted at many of their sides, and he loved them for it. 

Now, he was at the place where old Goldenstar was, watching with heavy-set yet strong eyes, power built beneath his large frame. It was only a moon since then, and yet.. it still felt wrong. He still felt like he would be standing at the side of High Rock as his deputy, watching over his clanmates- mostly thinking of who to put on patrol the next day.

He couldn't deny how much pressure he felt. 

Nonetheless, he needed to get this troop on the move. Moonhigh wouldn't wait for anyone.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the High Rock for a clan meeting."




All of Thunderclan!


Gathering the Clan to announce attendees!
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High Rock and the Clearing beneath

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  Bravesong sat in the middle of the clearing, enjoying the last bit of sunlit rays upon his black and white fur. He might not have enjoyed the hot weather as much as an older elder with creaky bones and aching muscles, but he was looked forward to the amount of prey that would strengthen his clan even if it wasn't him who raked it in anymore.

Frankly, he took to his other duties more seriously, which included keeping a keen stare on a pacing, dappled apprentice as she freshened moss in the den and disposed of the dirty portions to keep it fresh. After what had happened the last time, he wasn't much a stranger towards the she-cat as she attended to her duties, as much as she seemed to squirm under his watchful, deformed face.

Bravesong, however, shifted his attention to Moosestar as he rose to High Rock and addressed the clan. Lucky for him, he was already in a position to listen despite the fact that healthy prey could easily elude his clumsy paws.

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The apprentice frowned in her tasks, wondering when something more exciting would be thrown her way. If nothing happened soon, she might try to find a thrill herself. Maybe Dovepaw would spar with her now that it was cooler...

However, she didn't get much more than a few seconds to consider her idea before she heard the sound of Moosestar's voice from inside camp, and Brindlepaw hurried to return to the clearing from disposing of the spoiled moss.

Without seeming like she was in too much of a rush, she scurried to a position where her mentor would easily spot her, and gave herself a few considering licks to her paws in preparation to head to the Gathering. Because... why wouldn't she? Anything else was unacceptable to her, and she worked hard today - so she deserved it too!


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Mistyleaf yawned as she padded out of the warriors' den. Moosestar's call had easily reached her tufted ears despite her nap. She was glad to have sun off her back too. She sat down by Bravesong and awaited the rest of the meeting.

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Dovepaw had been napping in the apprentice's den, her tasks having been completed for the time being and her mentor also resting. Ears twitched as she woke with a start, wondering for a moment what had awakened her, until her leader's voice registered in her mind. Sitting up and giving herself a satisfying stretch, Dovepaw yawned and padded from the den to settle next to her sister. Reaching out, she gently nipped a piece of moss that clung behind her sister's ear and purred lazily. "Am I too late to hear who gets to go tonight?" The mottled she-cat's voice still sounded a little sleepy.


Tigerrush sat outside the medicine cat's den, pleased with how stocked and refreshed her stores were for the time of year it was. The petite brown tabby might be pleased with how her herbs were, but she hadn't fully been relaxed since the medicine cat's meeting seven moonrises before. The vision the medicine cats were given left her feeling unsettled and restless, but she still didn't have much of an idea on what to do about it, other than what had already been discussed. All she knew was that she needed to find a way to discuss this with Moosestar sooner rather than later, if only she knew what to tell him.