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Axioms: Wisdom of the Past

Sometimes the most important lessons come from the words of the past. The following are taught by Medicine Cats and each is attributed to a cat of the past and considered a valuable piece of knowledge that supersedes clan affiliation. Most are ancient and have been passed down from the days of the splitting. Some from before then.


Substitution is the Medicine Cat’s greatest tool. Never just memorize a mixture, instead make sure that you know what each part does. This way if you have a shortage or a cat who isn’t experience a symptom something treats you can alter the mix so that it will better treat that individual case of whatever the illness is.

Quickstep of ShadowClan


cough is never just a cough. What’s best for one cough is not necessarily the best for another cough. Diagnose the type of cough carefully and treat just as carefully. But don’t spend so much time on the diagnosis that the one cough becomes another. Treat the problem quickly and accurately.

Treeclimber of RiverClan

Untreated, Green-leaf’s cough becomes Leaf-bare’s death.

Reoc of TigerClan


Not all plants are drastically different from each other. Some are practically identical, but with much different properties. Remember to look for the details to tell which plant is which. It could save a life.

Farsight of ThunderClan

Details save lives, inattention takes them

Cwen of LionClan

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