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Medicine Cat Training – Intermediate

The intermediate period of training expands on medicinal knowledge while introducing more of the secret ways of StarClan.
Any files marked with ^ are currently unfinished.


Clan Defense

Medicine Cats must have a grounding in tactics, specifically of camp defense, for they might be called upon to organize the defense of the camp while the Leader and Deputy are in the field fighting during war or emergency.

Intermediate Knowledge

Intermediate Herbs ^

These herbs are more obscure, or more challenging to administer safely. They are taught to the intermediate medicine cat who has completed their understanding of the Basic Herbs.

Intermediate Complaints ^

Complaints that are more difficult and complex to treat than the basic ones, but equally important to the knowledge a medicine cat must have.

Intermediate Medicine Cat Theory

Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon and the considerations to have under each phase.

The Grand Omens ^

“Grand Omens”, those that are unmistakable and visible to all, must be understood in far deeper a way than a typical warrior.

Animal Omen Meanings ^

Memorization of the meanings of the known animal omens is necessary for Medicine Cats.

^ Plant Omen Meanings ^

Memorization of the meanings of the known plant omens is necessary for Medicine Cats.

^ Study of Past Omen & Prophecy ^

A detailed study of the past is important for the interpretation of future omens and prophecies.


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